5 Ways to Make Gorgeous Flowers in Different Designs Using Deco Mesh BBCrafts.com

Decorative mesh is generally similar in nature to the window screen, only it’s not sharp and won’t cut you. It comes in an array of colors, but other than wreaths and using it as a fill for a flower arrangement is an outstanding idea.

You can make different types of flowers using deco mesh. It is ideal to find a prominent online fabric store for buying tulle fabric, organza fabric, satin ribbon, spandex chair cover, polyester tablecloth, silk flower petals, deco mesh wreath, wedding favor bag, and many others at reasonable prices. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide to make beautiful flowers in different designs using decorative mesh.

Supplies That You Will Need for Making Deco Mesh Flowers:

  • 6-inch styrofoam disc
  • U-shaped floral pins
  • Decorative mesh
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Common strips for hanging

If you are questioning how many rolls of mesh you will need for making each flower, it will generally vary depending on the type that you want to make and the size of your flower. For making a large flower, you will generally need a full 10-yard roll in 10-inch and 21-inch widths.

  1. Daisy or Sunflower


  • For making this flower, start by cutting mesh into squares, they don’t have to be perfect.
  • After that, lay decorative mesh on the table and fold opposite corners in the center.
  • Then gather the center with your fingers.
  • Now, fold the gathered decorative mesh in half and pin the center to the edge of the foam disc, applying glue to the pin before inserting.
  • You need to continue around the disc, inserting pins close to each other.
  • When you have departed entirely around the disc, use a smaller deco mesh in a dissimilar color and repeat the above-mentioned steps, filling in the center of the flower.


  1. Daisy with Tube Center


  • First, make a beautiful daisy flower following the above-mentioned steps.
  • After that, cut squares of 10-inch decorative mesh and roll them in a tube.
  • Now, poke a pin through the center of the tube and fold the tube in half and then push the pin into the center of the flower.
  • You can apply the glue, push the pin into the foam then drive the head of the pin in, which in turn strapped the pin in beyond and into the glue. So, you will not need to use the hot glue finger thing for pressing into the glue.


  1. Large Tube Flower

You can make a large blue tube flower using 21-inch ombre blue decorative mesh. For making this, you will not need to take too much effort, simply follow the steps of the daisy with tube center.

  1. The Combo Flower
  • For making this beautiful flower, you will need to use a few different techniques. You should use the tube method for the outside of the flower first.
  • Then, cut a styrofoam ball in half and pinned orange tubes around the outer edge.
  • After that, glue and pin the ball into the middle of the tube flower on the visible piece of the foam disc.
  • You can also insert some pink tubes, only instead of folding them in half. You will only need to fold the tube down at the bottom if you want to make it longer.
  • At last, add white deco mesh to the center using the loop method.


  1. Other Flowers

You can also use the loop method for making medium-size yellow, white and green deco mesh flowers. It is also great to wrap half styrofoam balls with deco mesh for creating a pretty center for some of your deco mesh flowers.

You can follow the above-mentioned instructions to create your own deco mesh flowers. They will be great for a girls’ room, a wedding, or your craft room. You can find one of the leading wholesale deco mesh distributors for purchasing natural burlap metallic stripes mesh, holiday burlap deco mesh, deco mesh ribbon, deco floral mesh, faux burlap deco, and many others in a wide range of colors and sizes.