6 Amazing Fort Ideas That You Can Craft With your Kids BBCrafts.com

Building a fort with your kids is one of the most creative things that you can do – not only as of the way that you can design but also the method that your kids can use for learning and play. And this creative opportunity doesn’t only limit to the building fort, it also helps you to consider your kid’s decorating ideas.

You can use some fabulous fabrics such as tulle, netting, and some other fabrics for making a fort. If you are looking for some interesting ways then you can use these clothes for making for. Below, I’m going to share some fort ideas that you can make with your kid.

1. Use Tulle to Design a Princess Fort
Tulle is one of the favorite fabrics of kids who are obsessed with the princess. Since this fabric comes in a wide range of colors and designs makes it able to get a dream-like appearance. This sheer fabric is generally used for making dresses or tutus. You can easily find this fabric at an online fabric store and order it at home for your kids to decorate their fort.

By decorating fort with tulle, your kid can imagine that they are sleeping in their castle. If there is leftover fabric, you can use it for your kid’s costumes or props. For making a princess fort, start by setting up the frame in the castle design. Your kid will be also able to pick something else that they want.

After setting the frame, pick color tulle and drape it around the fort by gathering it up at the ends and clipping it to the frame, like curtains. Also, leave tulle fabric in the middle for adding appearance. If your children don’t like a semi-transparent look, then you can first drape a blanket or some sheets over the frame.

2. Net Fabric can be Fantastic for Outdoors
It is not necessary to make a fort inside your home. One of the fabulous things that you can do with your children is by making an outdoor fort. At outdoor, your kids can run and play aside from just sitting still. Netting is one of the best choices if you are thinking to make an outdoor fort. It will also help you in creating a separation between the outside and inside of the fort. Netting is a transparent fabric that makes it ideal for nighttime outdoor fort activities. You can consider building a sunflower fort in the spring for teaching your kids about planting and nature.

3. Cotton Cloth Makes a Great Spooky Fort
Kids always like a good scary story and there is nothing better to tell it than in a spooky fort. A thin cotton cloth makes for great ghost drapery because of its transparent appearance. You can add atmosphere by adding plastic spiders, and other scary-looking decorations all around.

4. Wooden Frame Fort
You can also use wooden frames and heavyweight fabric, along with some ribbon and Velcro for making an eye-catchy fort for your little princess. You should use a wooden frame upright as room dividers.

5. Air Fort
This is one of the easiest ways to create a secret hiding spot. You will only need to help your kid in grabbing a large super sheet, packing tape, and fun. After grabbing all the materials help your kid to make this secret hiding spot.

6. Tree Stump Fort
If you have a tree stump then you will be able to create an awesome fort. It is basically one of the best platforms resting on a stump. You can help your kid to add adorable details like curtained doorways that can easily be closed for privacy. Loaded with kid-friendly color and charm, it is a great fort alternative.

These are some different types of the fort that you can make with your kids. You can find one of the best online fabric suppliers for buying ribbons, tulle fabric, organza fabric, deco mesh, chair covers, tablecloths, and many others.