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Every little girl loves an adorable now in her hair, but unfortunately, those little bows can add up to big money, unless of course, you make them yourself. These bows are also great for gifts, so if you have nieces, or you just need something for birthdays or for the upcoming holidays, you can easily create stunning bows yourself.

You can also these bows to your little princess headbands to make it more beautiful. To make your craft budget-friendly, it is ideal to find a leading wedding and craft supplies suppliers for buying burlap lace ribbon, satin ribbon, chair covers, organza fabric, tulle fabric, tablecloths, and many others at wholesale prices.

6 Chic and Easy to Make Hair Bows for Your Little Princess

Here are some collections of beautiful little bows that you can make yourself for your little princess. These are also so easy, adorable, and very cheap to make so find your favorite or just make them all if you want.

1.     Colorful Loop Bow

You can make a beautiful loop bow in any color and any combination of colors. Doe making this, you need ribbons in a few different sizes, a hot glue gun, and something for adorning the center, and a clip. Form the ribbons into flower loops and attach them all together. You can also make it in different sizes based on how much ribbon you use.

2.     Flower Bow

Flowers are great for all occasions and so, you can make a beautiful flower. For this, you just need a piece of ribbon around and a few sewing supplies. This is an easy DIY project and you can make different bows using different colored ribbons. And remember to choose something special for adorning the center.

4.	Petal Flower Bow

3.     No-Slip Bows for Babies

If your little princes have fine or very little hair, there are bows, which you can make for her that will not slip. You can add a no-slip liner to the inside for keeping it in place. It works great on bows.

4.     Petal Flower Bow

Petal flower bow is really so easy to make. It is a beautiful flower with petals made of yarn or fabric. For making this, you will need to cut the ribbons to make it rounded on the ends and then sew it together. You can embellishment in the center or leave it plain because it looks great either way.

1.	Colorful Loop Bow

5.     Cupcake Bow

Cupcake bows just scream little bows, these are so adorable and yummy looking. For making this, you will need a grosgrain ribbon in any color that you want to use. You can make it from ribbon and a little hot glue holds it all together.

6.     Colorful Loopy Ribbon Bow

With a few different colors of narrow ribbon, you can make a beautiful loopy bow. Loop ribbon together and tie for securing it. You can do this with several colors, as many as you want, and then attach them all together on a clip. This bow looks perfect for any occasion and is easy for making once you get the hang of the loops.

6.	Colorful Loopy Ribbon Bow

These are some beautiful bows that you can make yourself at your home for your little princess. You can find a reliable craft supplies supplier for buying wedding ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, polka dot ribbons, satin ribbons, and many others in different sizes and a wide range of colors at wholesale prices.

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