6 Decoration Ideas to Make Your Wedding Decor Look Lavish BBCrafts.com

Couples choose ribbons and tulle wedding decorations because this decorative item adds a luxurious elegance to the decor without adding a big bill. Ceremonies are being held either at banquet halls or churches or outdoor venues, ribbon decorations are an affordable and perfect choice for any locations.

For the decoration idea, you can decorate any kind of locations, places, or venues with ribbon. Decorations with ribbon and tulle can give an eye-catching and lavish look to your wedding venue.You can use glitter tulle at the reception stage, or entrance to add wow expressions to your wedding decorations. Guys, if you think you need a lot of bucks for dreamy wedding decorations, you’re wrong my friends! For good wedding decorations, a lot of money is not required, but one has to make sure that how to use the right things and techniques in the right place.

1. Tulle Backdrop

The wedding backdrop has become so much more than the pieces of cloth they used to be.Backdrop is a perfect element that highlights the decoration of an event and is an excellent way to complement classic, traditional, or contemporary themes. If you want to show off your creativity, you can consider using a unique installation made of ribbons or tulle fabrics at the wedding and
adding lighting for a perfect and stunning look. You can buy a backdrop online or from the market and can use at it your wedding.



2. Chair and Table Décor

Apart from stage decoration, dining arrangements are important and need a creative mind to give an imperative look. You can use some light color satin table cover or table linen or you can add tulle to your table decor. Use the same color tulle to wrap around chair backs and tie in a knot or bow. Tie a few lengths of ribbons on the back of the wedding chair to make a decorative statement for your ceremony and reception and attach some flowers and grass to give a greenery look.

3. Entrances and Archways

Thinking of using a wedding arch?  You can hang tulle from the ceiling at entrances to indoor ceremonies. At outdoor ceremonies, it's common to have canopies or bridal arches to enhance and transform the venue look; use tulle to decorate the posts, adding flowers, pom pom, and greenery to enhance the design. You can use any kind of tulle or fabric ribbon that matches your wedding venue and the ceremony décor. Wrap or hang tulle around doorways and banisters and put some golden lights to give fairy look.



4. Stairs and Railings

The altar area or the front of the ceremony and dining areas are common places to add tulle, but you can also add tulle in other areas of the ceremony. Hang small white wedding lights in gathered tulle swags on doors and windows. You can wrap tulle on both the inner and outer balcony railings.

5. Tulle Chandelier

For your wedding decorations, using ribbon or tulle chandelier is versatile and best for unique look. Ribbon or tulle chandeliers can be used everywhere from wedding venues, reception stage to backyard dinners. Weddings held in the evening may require lighting options, but instead of taking out house lamps or old chandeliers, you can rent a large tulle and ribbon chandelier, hang it above
the couple in the altar area.

6. Pom Pom Centerpiece

Pom Pom centerpiece is an easy and the best idea for creating a different and elegant dining looks. You can craft some tulle pom centerpiece or can buy online.You can make pom centerpieces on your own using tulle or mesh ribbons and decorate your table with these centerpieces. Don’t load your dining table with too many things and accents.

You can use ribbon or tulle in many creative ways to décor your wedding location or venue. You can wrap tulle around the branches of trees or can hang ribbon from it. Hanging fabric ribbons for tree decoration create an exquisite effect and you can also hang decorative, lit up mason jars to create a stunning look. Create some photo-booth with the ribbon and balloons, your guests will definitely love it.