6 Outstanding DIY wedding Styling Tips to Add Ambience to Your Décor BBCrafts.com

Wedding styling is one of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to making your special day more special for your partner and guests. Planning a wedding can be expensive, but you can make it pocket-friendly by incorporating DIY wedding décor ideas.

Planning a DIY wedding is one of the best and inexpensive wedding ideas that will help save a little amount of money and also provide an opportunity to put your own personal stamp on your big day. It is ideal to find one of the best wedding-related product suppliers for buying wholesale ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, silk flower petals, and many others. Below I’m going to share some awesome DIY wedding styling ideas that will wow your guests.

1. Greenery Wreaths
This is one of the best DIY projects for people who want to add floral and foliage into their wedding decoration. Making a wreath is so simple and it will also take less effort and time. It will also help in enhancing your venue look without spending a lot of money.

To make a greenery wreath, you will need to grab some stiff wire or embroidery hoops for creating a circular base your wreath. Use thin wire for wrapping your chosen flowers around the circular base.

2. Balloon Garlands
Balloons are a fun and quirky feature for any wedding. You can enhance the simple balloon look by adding trailing garlands. This is also one of the most amazing DIY décor projects that you can take on board. If you want to get a bright and bold look then add paper tussled and ribbons in your chosen wedding theme color.

And to get a minimal approach, you can pair foliage garland with crisp white balloons. It will look outstanding when clustered together in a group. You can place them on your dessert table, bar, or dance floor.

3. Mirror Signage
For making beautiful DIY wedding signage, a framed mirror is the best choice. You can easily repurpose it using a white pen and some simple foliage. It will also help in displaying your menu and seating chart. You can also use the mirror as a welcoming sign for your ceremony.

4. Fabric Table Runners
Table runner helps to elevate your reception styling. You can simply make table runners at your home. For this, simply buy wholesale fabrics of your choice from an online fabric supplier. For making your own DIY table runner, start putting your chosen fabric to your desired table length and widths.
For this, measure the length and width of your wedding table. You can pair your table runner beautifully with ornate table details like candelabras and tealights.

5. Donut Wall
DIY donut wall is one of the best options for brides with a sweet tooth looking and less-traditional dessert options. This is a modern alternative that will act as a talking point among your guests. For creating your donut wall, you will need large size of pegboard and some wooden dowel.

You can paint wooden dowel to suit your wedding décor. First glue the pieces of wooden dowel into the holed of pegboard and leave some space between each for accommodating the size of your donuts.

6. Ribbon Stationary Detail
This is one of the perfect finishing touches for paper goods and also an excellent way for incorporating some color and texture into your stationery. For making take, choose a soft fabric in your desired color and cut it into long strips. In this way, you can create your own natural-looking ribbons. Then use a hole puncher on the corners of your invitations, ceremony programs, and menus for threading the ribbons. And tie it into a bow or loose knot.

These are some beautifully DIY wedding styling ideas for creating a wonderful wedding decoration. You can find one of the best online fabric suppliers for buying ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, silk flower petals, favor bags, and many others.