6 Simple and Wonderful Ways to Put Ribbons to a Good Use BBCrafts.com

Ribbons are one of the best useful craft materials. From home and wedding decoration to crafting several creative the use of ribbons can never disagree. Fabric ribbons are actually a basic need of people in their life. But the main fact is that using this amazing craft material in various ways is a matter of sense and creativeness.

It’s better to make out some intellect from your own awareness but when you can’t style out any idea you will have to take the assistance of others and in such case, you don’t have any additional ways. It is ideal to find an online fabric supplier for buying satin ribbon, burlap ribbon, organza ribbon, lace ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon at wholesale prices. Below, I’m going to share some outstanding ways to put ribbons to good use.

  1. Glitter Jars

Glitter jars are one of the outstanding home decorations and they can also be used as a gift bag. For making this, you will only need jars, some tape, glitter, and a piece of ribbon. Start by wrapping the tape around the jar and leaving the places where you will glue the glitter. You should smudge the glue all over and then spill the glitter. After that, remove the tape and tie a ribbon bow on the top of the jar.

  1. Rain Boots Revamp

There is one of the coolest ways for revamping your rain boots using a piece of ribbon. First, cut the backs of the boots and add the grommets. After that, you should thread the ribbon and tie a bow to increase its look.

  1. Sunhat Message

You should check out this awesome way to use ribbon for making a statement sunhat. For this craft, a crafter will need a sunhat and a ribbon in contrasting hues. You should decorate the hat by placing the ribbons on the edges and spelling the message that you want. Ascribe the ribbon with some adhesive tape at first, although you make all the letters, and then merely glue the ribbon using a glue gun.

  1. Ribbon Toy

Ribbons are also one of the best craft materials for making kid’s toys. To make a beautiful toy, grab a plastic or wooden ring and some colorful ribbon scraps. You can simply tie the ribbons to the ring to make a toy. A great time for showcasing your whimsical toy is windy weather.

  1. Sleep Mask

A sleep mask helps anyone sleep better, and it can also make a perfect gift for a friend. For making your own craft, you will need some material, preferably felt or some comparable soft fabric. You’ll also need a springy piece of ribbon for the hairband.

  1. Bow Heels

This is an additional super practical solution to use ribbon! If you have a couple of heels that inclines you to slip when you walk, this idea is a seamless way to refurbishment the shoes and still style them wearable. You can choose a color and category of ribbon that matches the shoes impeccably. Then basically wrap them around and tie them into a bow.

These are some amazing ways to use ribbons for making outstanding crafts. You can find one of the best fabric suppliers for buying bulk satin ribbon, burlap ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, and many others at economical prices.