6 Steps to Make a No-Sew Highchair Tutu for Your Princess’s First Birthday Celebration BBCrafts.com

The first birthday is one of the most memorable, so every mom wants to make that birthday party dazzling for their little princess. If you are one of those and are looking for stupendous ideas on how to do that, one of the fabulous first birthday party ideas are a DIY no-sew tutu for decorating a highchair.

This is one of the perfect ways for making your princess’s first birthday party pictures pop. If you want to make your party decoration budget-friendly, find a wholesale fabric supplier for buying ribbon, fabric, chair cover, tablecloth, favor bag, and many others. Below, I’m going to share a step-to-step guide for making no-sew highchair tutu.

What are the Finest Colors of Tulle to Use?

The color that you choose completely depends on you, but it is essential to consider that lighter colors are easier to see through. You will need to use more layers of fabric to get the coverage that you want. For example, the white sheer fabric may need 10 layers to really make it pop while dark color like red only needs two or three layers. If you choose dark colors for your DIY then you will need fewer materials for making this.

First Birthday Party No-Sew Highchair Tutu Supplies:

  • Before rolling up and starting work, make sure to grab all the materials that you will need for making this. It will help you prepared and you won’t need to run around your house looking for things last minute.
  • Elastic band half an inch to one inch thick and long sufficient to fit around the highchair
  • Two rolls of tulle
  • Sticky Velcro squares for sticking to the highchair on the outside of the tray
  • The decorative ribbon is non-compulsory for the external of the tutu but will complement some real flair
  • Scissors for cutting everything down to size

Instructions to Make DIY Highchair Tutu:

DIYs are one of the great ways to stay busy and the pleasure is also greater when you do it for your kids. If this is your first-time making tutu then you should remember to be organized and prepare beforehand all the things that are listed above.

It will possibly take you less than two hours for completing this DIY project. Here is a simple tutorial to make a highchair tutu step by step:

Step 1:

First, cut a long piece of tulle and fold it in half. You will need to ensure the tulle is the final length that you want when it’s assembled. If you are in doubt, then cut a longer piece of fabric than you need, because it will easier to cut off any extra later than to have to start all over again.

Step 2:

After that, grasp the fold of the tulle directly above the elastic with the elastic concluded the tulle.

Step 3:

After completing the above steps, pull the longer piece of tulle tightly through the loop.

Step 4:

Pull the loop tightly to the elastic and start at one end by placing the sticky Velcro squares around the outside of the highchair, as well as match them up with the inside of the tutu. This should be fit perfectly against the highchair when you are completed.

Step 5:

Your tutu will need to be tied in the back after placing your princess to take the outstanding pictures of your first birthday party.

Step 6:

You can also think outside of the box and get creative with bows, stick-on jewels, or any other decorative or fun pieces that will strike fancy.

If this is your first time getting crafty then learning how to make a no-sew highchair tutu couldn’t be easier, so this is a perfect first-time project. You can find one of the reliable wedding and craft products suppliers for buying decorative ribbons, chair covers, tulle fabrics, deco mesh, table runners, napkins, silk flower petals, and many others in different colors, patterns, and sizes.