7 Cute DIY Baby Shower Decoration Ideas to Organize an Unforgettable Celebration BBCrafts.com

The baby shower is one of the sweetest parties and also a happy and memorable moment. Mom-to-be can share the joys and expectations that will be a true mother with their friends. While this is one of the most special moments, you should look for something interesting decoration ideas to make your function different and perfect.

There are a lot of decorating themes and DIY ideas that you can choose. It will be great to choose décor with bright and beautiful flowers, cute garlands, balloons, sweet snacks, and fresh fruits. Below, I’m going to share some DIY decoration ideas that will help you organize a wonderful and unforgettable celebration.

1. Paper Lantern Decoration
They are incredibly beautiful that you can put for your baby shower. This is also a great idea to steer clear of overly ornate decorations. It will help you in adding a nice little pop of color to your decoration. You can make this DIY décor in any size and also use mixes of multiple colors. It will look cool above a buffet table as the main attraction with other minimal decorations.

2. Diaper Wreath
Making this DIY wreath adds a little bit of fun. It is easy to make and can be pulled together on the morning of the shower if you were running at the last minute. It will be great to add extra decoration like baby shoes or socks to the wreath for adding a personal touch.

3. Floral Balloon
The floral balloon looks natural and awesome and it incredible enhances any party look. You surely like to use natural flowers. But using fake flowers is the best idea that will help you ensure that your balloon will last longer. And the expectant mother can also take it home for keeping as a memory of their special day.

It will look outstanding to have a row of floral balloons along the wall. You can also use them to scatter around the garden. If you want to make your baby shower decoration more themed, then you can use pink and blue flowers for the celebration.

4. Oh Baby Tablecloth
A printed or patterned tablecloth is one of the best ways for bringing a bit of color and life to a table. You can use a tablecloth in a space where you would be having food or placing gifts. You will not need to be a sewing genius for tackling this.

5. Baby Drinking Bottles
This is a great idea to use baby drinking bottles for all the guests at the baby shower. It will help in making baby shower-themed and also fun for all the guests at the same time. It would be a lot of fun trying out the different cocktail and mocktail recipes to put into the baby bottles. To give a little touch to your bottle, you can decorate it with little labels and ribbons.

6. Diaper Cake
This DIY is like a decoration and also a gift all in one. Instead of just gifting packets of nappies, you can arrange them as a cake and use them as a centerpiece for your baby shower table. You can also assemble it with ribbons and rubber bands. You can make this DIY baby-themed with ribbons and little shoes.

7. Baby Clothes Bunting
This is also one of the amazing gifts within a decoration. There is nothing that could much better than baby clothing bunting. Later, these clothes can also be used for the baby. If you are going together with your family or friends to purchase many clothes then you can make a pattern, think bib, onesie, vest, bib, onesie, vest kind of thing. It will not take much time to make and there is also not any doubt that special lady would be grateful for it.

These are some of the best and gorgeous DIY baby shower decoration ideas that will help in making your special day memorable. You can find one of the best online fabric suppliers for buying ribbons, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, flower petals, and many others.