Carving down all the to-dos on a party planning checklist involves everything from picking up food to set up a discussion area, and although centerpieces aren't constantly at the top of the list, they shouldn't be overlooked completely - particularly for events that include a sit-down meal or central table for snacks.

Whether anyone is prepping for just a weekend brunch or a festive soiree, including some to your spread can take the event up a notch. You can easily make a deco mesh centerpiece to set the tone for the whole event. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide on how to make a beautiful elegant centerpiece for really cheap.

Materials You Will Need:

  • Red decorative mesh
  • White decorative mesh
  • 8-inch wreath frame
  • Red tinsel stems
  • Glass vase
  • LED candle
  • Red ornaments
  • Pinecones
  • Decorative stems
  • Colored ribbons

How to Make:

Step 1: Put Your Tinsel Stems on the Wreath Frame

Since you are taking an 8-inch wreath frame, it may be hard to keep it looking organized. You can start by putting 6 tinsel stems on each section, making 3 on the outer wire and 3 on the most inner wire.

Step 2: Start with Your red Decorative Mesh

After that, open up your red decorative mesh and pinch the end together. You’re going to cloak it up into the “poof” that you craft and hide it. You just need to fold it over for making a little poof and put it on an inner tinsel stem.

Now, screw the tinsel stem around a couple of times up until the decorative mesh is on its good. After that, you will need to face the tricky part. So, let’s say your initial spot was on a streamer stem on the internal part. Twitch your mesh to an outside tinsel stem and secure it as you did with your initial one. Then, you’re going to twitch it to another inside one but leave an inner one between your initial one.

So, to lay this out easier:

  • Twitch with an internal tinsel twig
  • Tug and bunch up to a poof to outer tinsel stem
  • Bounce one inner streamer stem
  • Twitch and bunch up to a poof to the internal tinsel stem.

You’re going to each other one so that you can do the similar with the white color. Reflect on it as the white is going to need its own streamer stems.

Keep going up until you reach the spot you began with. It can look a little crazy and has unfilled spots but that’s an acceptable cause that is where the white will go.

Step 3: Bring Out the White Deco Mesh

Do the same thing with the white as you did with red. Now, all your blank tinsel stems from the desire to have white in it.

Step 4: Add Ribbons

First, cut ribbons in equal sizes and then start to make edges have the triangle effect. Put it on one of your streamer's stems that’s previously in the centerpiece and turn it around a couple of times.

Step 5: Add Ornaments and Decorative Stems

Add ornaments to some of the tinsel stems as well as put your decorative stems into the centerpiece. Just shove them into it and secure them down with the tinsel stems.

Step 6: Hide the Tinsel Stems

Finally, start hiding ugly things. You can just put them down and secure them and then cut off any excess.

Step 7: Almost Done

You are practically done. Flip it back over and grasp your pot and LED candle! Place the candle inside the pot and position it how you want. Now you can play around with the mesh and change it to your taste. That is the inordinate thing about mesh, you can pretty much get it to do everything you want. Also, add your pine cones using hot glue.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can make your own centerpiece. You can find a wholesale fabric supplier for buying different types of colorful ribbons including burlap ribbon, deco mesh ribbon, satin ribbon, and more, fabrics, chair covers, table runners, and many others at discounted prices.