7 Steps to Make DIY Rustic Glitter Egg for Easter Decorations BBCrafts.com

With Easter just around the corner, people are all speculating what fun actions and crafts they can do with their children, friends, and family members to save the smiles on their faces over this time, and an Easter theme is perfect as there actually is so much you can do. There are endless options when it comes to thinking about crafts.

If you love adding new Easter streamers to your assortment every year then you can think to add something a bit dissimilar, and maybe somewhat that would cater to your love for DIY farmhouse decoration. Glitter Easter eggs absolutely do that and the twine provides them such an inordinate rustic look, and they look beautiful in a wooden bowl on your dining room table. It is ideal to find one of the top online craft supplies suppliers for buying sparkle ribbon, mesh ribbon, organza fabric, favor bag, chair cover, table runner, rhinestones, and many others at discounted prices.

Below, I’m going to share some step-by-step guides for making beautiful DIY rustic glitter Easter egg crafts.

Supplies You Will Need to Make Glitter Easter Eggs:

  • Foam eggs
  • Flax twine or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Liquid glue
  • Textile glue
  • Glitter
  • Ribbons
  • Decor pearls
  • Some basic craft supplies

How Tough Are Glitter Easter Eggs to Make?

These are really so simple DIY Easter decorations for you to craft. As long as you reminisce to glue the twine down although you work, the rest is upfront.

How Do You Adhere Glitter to The Eggs?

Foam eggs are actually easy to work with, and they are picture-perfect for this DIY craft project. To style glitter stick to the eggs, you will need to add some glue and you can either place the glue unswervingly on the foam egg or shelter the entire egg in string first and adhesive the glitter to that.

Can You Use Real Eggs for These Glitter Easter Eggs?

A crafter doesn’t really recommend that you use real eggs if you are self-confident that you want to toss them out. This isn’t a method to decorate eggs for egg hunts but an everlasting Easter beautification that you can create with foam eggs and use year after year. You could, though, do this with wooden or plastic eggs if you want.

Rustic Glitter Easter Eggs – Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1:

Start by gathering your craft supplies and then use a drop of glue onto the bottom of a foam egg.

Step 2:

In this step, you will need to push twine so that it will stick to the egg.

Step 3:

Now, start to twist twine or yarn around the foam egg. You should make sure to glue it down as you go.

Step 4:

After finishing covering the foam egg in twine, you should use glue onto the bottom half of the egg.

Step 5:

Now, take glitter and add them to the glued area and let them set perfectly. Repeat this process to cover your egg completely.

Step 6:

Add ribbon, pearls, or other streamers around the midpoint of the egg - use this to discrete the twine half from the sparkle half for an actually decorative look.

Step 7:

At last, add your crafts to baskets or buckers for a rustic DIY Easter decoration.

By following the above-mentioned instructions, you can make DIY glitter Easter eggs. You can find one of the reliable ribbons and satin fabric wholesalers for purchasing themed ribbons, tulle fabrics, chair covers, table runners, and many others at discounted prices.