7 Ways to Decorate Your Home Exteriors with Beautiful Ribbons BBCrafts.com

Decorative exteriors can elevate the curb appeal of your home. Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a baby shower, a wedding, or whatever the occasion, you can play smart with multiple colors and sizes of ribbon to spread cheer and a bundle of happiness.

For a cozy and bright holiday season, decorate your staircase with garlands of greenery, strings of lights, ribbons, ornaments, and more. From rustic to elegant and sophisticated arrangements, you can use different types of ribbons in varied ways to create a welcoming space.

Let’s get into amazing ways to decorate your home’s exteriors using ribbons, perfect for any occasion and mood.

  1. Stack Ornaments Around the Yard and Front Porch

Up your decoration game with ornaments made of ribbons to place around the yard and front porch. Place a variety of ornament sizes around trees, near your porch, and stack them to create a unique appeal. 

  1. Turn Your Front Door into Present Delight

Another way to surprise your guests is by turning your main door into an incredibly wrapped gift. You can go all out and use ribbons to create DIY craft projects to wrap around the door, both vertically and horizontally. You can tie wreaths and bow in the front or if this isn’t your vibe, simply add the ribbon.

  1. Create Garland for Entryway

Bored of how your entryway looks the same every year? Make a DIY garland to line your entryway, ornaments, and string lights. Depending on your preferences, you can double up on garland to give it a fuller and voluminous effect. Use twist ties to secure both lights and ornaments in place.

  1. Hang Decorative Lights from Your Roofline

If a chic and minimalistic style is your vibe, use ribbons in soft colors and combine them with white lights to achieve a gleaming effect. One of the best ways to elevate your home exteriors is to hang icicle lights from your roofline decorated with ribbons. 

  1. Add Elegant Wreath

Maybe hanging lights aren’t your thing, but you can still achieve a chic and sophisticated décor for the holidays. Nothing can be easier than adding an exquisite wreath to your front door or on top of your entryway.

For a subtle and trendy vibe, stick to natural-colored ribbons to make a wreath and decorate it with accent ornaments that let your personality shine through. 

  1. Wrap Presents with Accent Ribbons

Adding a stack of gifts underneath your porch is a classic holiday decoration idea. You can simply wrap presents in brown or neutral-tone paper and top it off with a rustic farm-style bow. When choosing a ribbon, stick to classics, such as red and Christmas green. But remember, you can always personalize presents and decorations to be as rustic and modern as you wish.

  1. DIY Candy Cane Lollipops 

Turn your front yard into a beautiful Candyland, ideal for your kid’s birthday party, baby shower, and other special occasions. Create DIY candy cone lollipops and decorate them with paper plates, ribbons, PVC pipes, and ornaments. This DIY décor is great for the entire family and brings your home to life during the holiday season.

Ready to Decorate Your Home?

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