7 Wedding Decors DIY Ideas to Reflect Your Personal Style and Charm BBCrafts.com

Every person is excited about their wedding and they plan a lot of things to do to make their big day memorable forever. If you have some extra time on your hands then you can do inspiring things for your big day. And there is nothing better option than thinking and crafting wedding DIYs for decorating your venue.

You can make some amazing wedding DIYs that you can craft with basic crafting skills and items. It is ideal to find an online craft supplies supplier for buying fabrics, ribbons, chair covers, tablecloths, bows, sashes, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some creatively crafty ideas to create the wedding of your dreams.

1. Embellished Mason Jar Vase
For crafty DIY wedding ideas that get noticed, you can add burlap wrapped mason jar vase to the mix. This is one of the perfect ways to creatively decorating the tables at your wedding reception on a budget. It makes an inexpensive centerpiece idea for the couple on a budget. You can also include your friends to help you make this wedding DIY and also make a party of it.

2. Cascading Chandelier Flower Garland
A floating flower or cascading garland adds a romantic touch to any wedding. It is also one of the outstanding wedding décor ideas that you will not see everywhere. You can easily make it with carnations and other flowers. With this DIY wedding idea, you can get the look of a professional florist and also still being mindful of your budget. This wedding DIY décor will perfect for your reception or wedding service.

3. DIY Chair Wedding Garland
The chair plays an important role in the wedding. But with a little touch, you can make a great seating arrangement for your guest. You can make DIY garlands for the seating at a wedding and also make the look of your venue awesome.

4. DIY Tissue Paper Flower
This is also an outstanding wedding DIY idea that you can make using a tissue. For making this, start matching the flower to your wedding theme colors to create an eye-catchy effect that will impress your guests. It will also look gorgeous in the wedding photos. You can use tissue paper flowers for creating a backdrop for your wedding photoshoot. You can also create a boutique using tissue paper flowers for creating beautiful centerpieces for your wedding.

5. Paint Stir Stick Flower Box
If you want some vintage-inspired décor ideas for a rustic wedding theme, then making a paint stir stick flower box is a good idea. You can easily make this DIY at your home without taking too much effort and time. You can use this DIY at a table centerpiece to your wedding to enhance the overall look of your reception table. For making this, you will need to grab some paint stir stick.

You can also include your family and friends in making this DIY craft in advance. And when your special day arrives, you can add flowers for completing their look.

6. Old Photos
A picture says a thousand words without telling anything. It also helps to express your internal feeling, so it will be great to use your old photos in your wedding décor. Your invited guests will also love getting an insight into your new journey.

This is one of the most meaningful and low-cost DIY wedding decoration ideas. You can simply take some of the best old photos from your sleeves and use them to creating bunting to decorate your venue.

7. Get Fruity
Using fruit as a wedding décor element is one of the most interesting DIY ideas that will add nature and a fresh look to your event. You can easily find fruits for matching your theme. For a rustic and beach look wedding theme, lemons are great, while red apples and pomegranates look outstanding into a more extravagant theme.

These are some easy and inexpensive DIY wedding décor ideas to complete your dream wedding on a budget. You can find one of the leading online wedding and craft product suppliers for buying personalized ribbons, tulle fabric, organza fabric, chair covers, tablecloths, flower petals, favor bags, and many others.