8 Adorable DIY Ribbon Crafts That Look Good in All Seasons and Occasions BBCrafts.com

When it comes to crafting and making some DIY craft with softer material, many people have always been like to work with fabrics and materials. Now, people like to make DIY décor pieces to add a personal touch to their celebration. And for this, they have been pretty obsessed with finding new techniques and designs to try. 

A crafter loves working with ribbons because they are one of the most beautiful craft materials that can easily be incorporated into any craft. It is ideal to find one of the leading fabric suppliers for buying ribbon, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, and many others. Below, I’m going to share a list of some awesome crafts that you can try to make for your next celebration. 

1.  Looped Ribbon Wreath 

Looped Ribbon Wreath

Making a looped ribbon wreath is very simple and easy to craft. For making this, you will need some printed ribbons. First, cut the ribbons and make loops and attach them to the wreath. At last, use a long strip of ribbons for attaching a loop to the back for hanging the wreath at the front door or anywhere in the home. 

2.  Pretty Ribbon Flower with Gems 

Pretty Ribbon Flower with Gems

This is also one of the most beautiful and simplest DIY Crafts that can be used to decorate your simple hair accessory, dresses, and so on. Grab some ribbons to make the flower and attach a gem to the middle of the flowers to complete the project. 

3.  Colorful Wrapped Ribbons Wreath 

Colorful Wrapped Ribbons Wreath

Make your own simple colorful wreath using ribbons. Start with grabbing a pressed straw wreath form, fabric, and ribbons. First, attach fabric around the wreath to give a base to it, and then attach colorful ribbons and some vintage broaches to give an eye-catchy look to your wreath. At last, you will have a colorful handmade wreath for your craft room. 

4.  Woven Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet 

You can also use ribbons for making a beautiful bracelet or necklace. You can choose any color ribbon you have on hand or buy and different shade of pearl for making this. It will create a very classic statement piece that is very customizable and affordable. 

5.  Looped Ribbon Heart 

If you are a big fan of creating art that has some type of structured or 3D element on it, then this DIY craft is only for you. You might get a kick out of these chains of hearts that meet end to end for making the shape of a bigger heart. You just only need to hold the right shape by carefully folding each loop and gluing each piece of ribbon loop on their sides. 

6.  Ribbon and Rhinestone Paper Clip Bookmarks 

This is one of the perfect crafts for groups and also for all age ranges. To create this DIY, you will need paper clips, ribbon, twine or string, rhinestones, and glue. Start by making a ribbon bow and attach them to the paper clip using glue. Add a rhinestone to the middle of the bow to complete the project. 

7.  Funky Ribbon Monogram Wreath 

Funky Ribbon Monogram Wreath

If you want to make an adorable ribbon door wreath but don’t want to use looping or wreathing techniques then this funky ribbon monogram wreath is for you. You will absolutely love the way of making this wreath that is a little more playful. You will just need to knot ribbons all around the wreath frame and let the end fall. You can mix colors and patterns and overlap the ribbons in a fun way for making your wreath outstanding. 

8.  Woven Ribbon and Bow Lampshade 

You can transform your old lampshade with ribbons into something fancy and new. Start by winding ribbons around the lampshade vertically and use cloth pins to hold them securely. Then weave the horizontal ribbon in and out of the vertical ones. After completing weaving, attach some little bows on some rows of the lampshade. 

These are some awesome ribbon décor DIYs that you can make easily at your home with a little craft. You can find a prominent wholesale fabric and craft products supplier for buying organza fabric, tulle fabric, ribbons, chair covers, table runners, sashes, bows, and many others.