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Memorial Day is an annual day in the United States. On this day the country remembers and honors people who died in services for the nation. This is also one of the best opportunities for families to get together for grieving loved ones, appreciating their sacrifice, and committing to standing up for liberty and justice. 

This holiday comes on the last Monday of May when the weather is nice. Due to this reason, Memorial Day is always popular for hosting barbecues. If you are planning to host a get-together at your place for this occasion, you can make some DIY projects with your kids. Here are some quick and easy Memorial Day projects that you can try. 

1. Rustic American Flag Printables 

It will be great to start with one of the most classic Memorial Day, making American flags. You can choose a rustic American flag design that hadusty, weathered white and blue rather than picking bright red, white, and blue colors. 

This is one of the simplest DIY projects as printing out and cutting out the design and attaches them to wooden dowels. You can use a hand this DIY on Memorial Day or style a little centerpiece. 

2. Tissue Pom Poms 

Tissue Pom Poms

This is also one of the best crafts for hanging around your gathering. Begin by picking some tissue papers and fold and cut them into the festive pom-pom shapes. You can either make multi-colored poms or monochromatic poms. After completing your project, you can use the excess twine for hanging them. 

3.  Paper Pinwheels 


Any summer gathering looks incomplete without paper pinwheels. So it is great to design red, white, and blue pinwheels with stars, polka dots, and checks. First, download the design and print it onto both sides of a sheet of cardstock for complementary colors in your pinwheels. This is one of the easiest DIY crafts for kids. After completing it, store them for some holiday entertainment. 

4.  DIY Windsocks 

DIY Windsocks

This is also one of the fabulous DIY crafts for kids. One of the great things about making this DIY craft is you may have all the materials at your home that you will need for making this. It is also one of the most engaging DIY Memorial Day pprojects for kids. Start by grabbing some paper rolls and scraps of colorful fabric for making this. You can use these for outdoor fun with your little ones all summer long. 

5.  Firecracker Treat Containers 

Just like windsocks, you will need some recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls for making this DIY craft. Grab some tissue paper and cut them for wrapping them with paper. 

6.  Bottle Labels 

If you want a super-fast DIY to decorate for Memorial Day, then making this bottle label is one of the great ideas. For making this, you will first need to print them onto full sheet label paper. After printing them out, cut them out and stick them to your serving bottles. You can print some special messages to especially fit your craft for Memorial Day. 

7.  Make a Centerpiece 

If you are planning to a cook-out, delight your guests with a beautiful centerpiece. For making this, you will don’t need a lot of stuff. You will only need to take lead and use the blooms in your yard. 

8.  Make a Wreath 

make a wreath

Compliment your crating with a wreath that you can use on Memorial Day. This is one of the funniest crafts that need a lot of skills. But the end result of making this DIY craft will always be lovely. 

These are some of the best Memorial Day craft ideas that you can easily make at home. You can find one of the best online fabric and craft product suppliers for buying themed ribbon, fabrics, chair covers, tablecloths, and many others. 

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