8 Ideas to Cover Table Elegantly Using Tulle, Ribbons, and Flowers BBCrafts.com

Tulle is basically a sheer material that adds a soft, hazy look to anything it adorns. The sheer and smooth texture of this fabric makes it popular for decorating weddings and other special events. While it is used for dressing up the ceiling and walls, it can also create a soft and eye-catchy decoration for the tables.

While tulle comes in so many different colors and lengths, there is not any shortage of possibilities for brightening up the table at an event. It is ideal to find one of the best fabric suppliers for buying tulle, organza fabric, ribbons, tablecloths, chair covers, flower petals, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some awesome ways to add tulle for wedding table decoration.

1. Placing the Tablecloth
Though you are adding tulle, you will still need something on your table for covering up the top and sides. Nothing is better than using a fabric tablecloth as a base. So, it will be great to choose a fabric tablecloth in solid color matching with your tulle that you are using.

You can use a white fabric tablecloth with white tulle or you can also pair it with pink tulle. Also, match the tablecloth shape to the table. For example, use a rectangular tablecloth for a rectangular table and pick a round tablecloth for a round shape table. You should also choose a tablecloth that is big enough to reach the floor.

2. Make a Tutu
Use a measuring tape to measure the side of your table. It will help you in knowing how much elastic you will need. Wrap elastic around the edge of your table and tie ends together in the back of the table with a double-knot. Grab tulle and cut them into wide strips. You can either choose one color or multiple colors for creating a more interesting effect. For creating a more magical display, you can use sparkly and or glittery tulle.

3. Add Strings of Lights to Add a Magical Display
To add a more magical and eye-catchy display, you can add a string of lights. But one thing you should consider is to choose the matching color of wire and gold or silver color. Battery-operated light is one of the great options for table decoration.

4. Warp Satin Ribbon for a Simple Look
You can use ribbons around the edge of your wedding table to get a simple and sophisticated look. Choose a color that matches well with your table. For appropriately adding the ribbon, measure the circumstance of your table then cut them and wrap them around the tabletop. You can also use hot glue or fabric glue for securing the ribbon around the tablecloth.

5. Wrap a Floral Garland around the Table
Start by measuring the circumstance of your table and make a floral garland. Wrap floral garland around your tulle tablecloth and secure it using t-shaped floral pins.

6. Use Chiffon Flower to Get a Girly Look
Start by measuring the circumstance of your table and cut some chiffon flower trim to that length. Use glue around the edge of your table to hide the knots from the tulle.

7. Upgrade a Ribbon or Flower Trim with Glittery Silhouettes
First, add a ribbon or chiffon flower trim around the table then use a stencil for tracing shaped onto the back of the glittery scrapbook paper. Choose shapes and colors that match your theme.

8. Use Fabric Tablecloth to Create a Fancier Look
After finishing your tutu, drape a solid-colored tablecloth over your table. Start at the corner and gather the bottom edge of the tablecloth. Use a safety pin for securing it to the top edge of the tutu.

The above-mentioned information will give you perfect ideas for decorating your table with tulle and other décor items. To make your table decoration cost-effective, find a wholesale wedding and craft product supplier for buying tulle fabric, organza fabric, satin tablecloth, ribbons, chair covers, bows, sashes, candle holders, favor bags, and many others at discounted prices.