8 Simple Steps For Making Tulle Pom Poms Easy & Fast BBCrafts.com
Are you looking for a way to decorate for your upcoming social event or party?

The decorating challenge is whether or not to use tulle.

Tulle is a popular decoration material. It's simply so adaptable. Tulle is used to adorn items such as wedding tables, chairs, cakes made from baby diapers, party tables, pom pom garland, Christmas tree bow toppers, and tulle mobiles. You can create a dynamic environment for any gathering.

Define Tulle

Let's start by providing a basic response. What exactly is tulle? Tulle is a lightweight, incredibly thin, silky, flowing netting fabric produced by machines. Although silk, rayon, etc. are sometimes utilized, nylon is the most common material used. Tulle has a very delicate, thin appearance and is incredibly smooth and silky. In reality, tulle can be identified by its tiny thread size and minuscule hexagonal perforations.

How to Make a Tulle Pom Pom:

These plush rolls of tulle balls may be strung together to create a gorgeous garland for a party or bedroom decoration, or you can attach them with glue to the ends of wood dowels to create enchanted magic wand party favors.

Materials required:

Whether it's a traditional Tulle Roll, a Polka Dot Tulle Roll, a Glitter Tulle Roll, or a Camouflage Tulle Roll Note: (each 25-yard roll creates roughly 4-6 tulle Pom Poms) (Each 25-yard roll of tulle creates around 4-6 Pom Poms).

Sharp Scissors

Cardboard scraps, around 6" x 4." Note: (Use a smaller sized cardboard to produce tiny pom poms)

Step 1: About 15 to 20 times, wrap the tulle around the cardboard, keeping it taut as you go.

Note: The number of times the tulle is wrapped around the cardboard should be increased to 30, if you want a pom pom that looks bigger and thicker.

Step 2: Trim a piece of tulle to a length of about 6" and slide it between the layers.

Step 3: As you work, center the 6" strip of tulle as you peel the layers off the cardboard.

Step 4: The 6" piece of tulle should be knotted safely in the middle.

Step 5: Now the tulle bundle will resemble a big bow.

Step 6: Cut through the looped ends of the "bow" on each side of the center using scissors.

Step 7: Until the tulle pom pom has the proper fullness, fluff it by hand.

Step 8: Trim the edges using precise scissors to level out the tulle and eliminate any long bits to guarantee a puffed spherical tulle pom pom. Voilà! One of several tulle pom poms you will make.

The final pom poms look lovely strung together on a garland, displayed in stacks on tables, and in colorful glass bowls and jars. For a distinctive style that is all your own, try blending colors!

Online retailers provide specialized tulle rolls in a variety of patterns and colors, including glittery, zebra-printed, polka-dotted, and even camouflage-patterned rolls and bolts.