An attractive wreath for Thanksgiving to welcome your guests and the commencement of the holiday season is a necessity and there are some great ideas for decorating your front door, windows, or walls. Everyone knows that the adornment improves the festive spirit and you can effortlessly make an exclusive atmosphere in your home.

Formerly, Thanksgiving Day was a devout holiday, the key purpose of which was to thank Mother Nature for the production and is eminent in the fall when the harvest is congregated from the fields and gardens. One of the main signs of the holiday is the turkey so you can select it as a key accent of your wreath for Thanksgiving. It is ideal to find a reliable décor and craft product supplier for buying rolls of tulle, fabrics, chair covers, table runners, and many others at reasonable prices. Below, I’m going to share step by step tutorial for making a DIY Thanksgiving Turkey wreath.

Supplies That You Will Need:

  • A foam wreath of any size
  • Yellow, black and brown outside acrylic coat
  • A styrofoam ball for the turkey head
  • A styrofoam cone for the beak
  • Two small Styrofoam balls for the eyes
  • 1 craft foam sheet – red
  • Brown yarn
  • Colorful tulle – red, orange, yellow, brown – 25 yards of each
  • Toothpicks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


Step 1:

Start by inserting toothpicks into the balls and pinecone so that they can position although drying from the paint. You should use the brown paint and dash it consistently around the huge styrofoam ball that will be the head of the turkey.

Then, shade the cone yellow and use the black color to dye a part on the small styrofoam balls which will be the eyes of the turkey. Let shade dry fully.

Step 2:

In this step, you’ll need to cut the tulle to shards of about 16-20″ in length. For this wreath, you will generally need about 30 pieces of individual shade.

Step 3:

After that, wrap the brown yarn around the garland. You don’t need to wrap the complete base but about 1/3 of the loop. To effort easier, save the end of the patch on one end with hot glue to ensure it is fixed. When you complete wrapping the patent slice, secure the end with glue yet again.

Step 4:

Now, start to tie the tulle strips. You can trail a decoration of your own and place the shades in a certain direction or go for a casual decoration. Ascribe all the tulle strips till all the base is enclosed and fluff the split ends so that the appearance of the strip-like feathers.

Step 5:

Ascribe the head, peak, and eyes of the turkey. You should insert a toothpick into the brown ball and complement some hot glue on the base to ensure it will be decisively fixed and enclosure the head into the middle of the yarn segment.

Step 6:

After that, cut one strip of the red craft foam piece which will be the snood of the turkey. You should attach it to the turkey head with hot glue.

Step 7:

Using toothpicks and hot glue ascribe the beak and the eyes to the turkey cranium.

Step 8:

You should make a loop from a tulle strip and tie it to the garland. Now, hang your Thanksgiving wreath on the front door!

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can make a beautiful wreath for Thanksgiving. You can find a wholesale décor and craft product supplier for buying tulle fabric, organza fabric, deco mesh, burlap ribbon, and many others at economical prices.