Ribbons are one of the best, fun, playful, and whimsical craft materials that can be used for decorating a wide range of things around the home. At home, you can use ribbons in many different pieces to enhance the look and add ambience to your living surrounding. 

This craft material is awesome and can be incorporated into almost any DIY. If you are thinking about doing this, it will be great to find a wholesale fabric supplier to buy ribbons, fabrics, deco mesh, flower petals, and many others at a discounted price. Below, I’m going to share some adorable ribbon décor DIY’s that will help enhance your home effortlessly. 

1.  Ribbon Trimmed Curtains 

Ribbon Trimmed Curtains

You can add some pop and pizzazz to subdued curtains. For this, trim your window treatment with a bit of ribbon for adding color and personality. This is one of the simple DIYs that you can complete as soon as possible. After adding ribbons to your curtain, you can see it became more stylish and playful than earlier. 

2.  Ribbon Scraps as Art 

For some reason, even you don’t know craft; you will have some collection of different ribbons. On some occasion, people tie up gifts, make bows for adding a little extra touch to the gift, and you generally have a basket of scraps ribbons lying around. Do you ever think about what you can do with leftover ribbons? If not, then use it for framing. This is such a little fun art piece for the wall and also different. 

3.  Ribbon Covered Clips 

Ribbon Covered Clips

You use clothespins for so many things such as for holding the chip bags clothes, hanging up cute pictures, and many others. Sometimes, you can also use them for holding up the emergency phone number on the fridge. You can make your boring and brown clothespins beautiful by covering them with pretty ribbons. ‘ 

4.  Ribbon Lined Pillows 

You can add some personal touches to your pillow. For this, grab some solid colored ribbons and decorate your pillow. Using ribbons to add design is one of the best ways to create something boring into something with an eye-catchy appeal. 

5.  Ribbon Rimmed Lamp Shades 

Ribbon Rimmed Lamp Shades

This is one of the cute and easy DIY that will not take extra effort. You will just need to grab the right size piece of ribbon for lining the rim of your lampshade. 

6.  Ribbon Hang Wall Décor 

Instead of just a nail, it is great to hang up your wall décor by using a ribbon. It will add a bit of an extra pretty look to your wall. This is also one of the easiest DIY that you can tackle. 

7.  Ribbon Ties Curtains 

Whether you are using as tie backs or as tie hooks, ribbon on curtain work. This is a dainty way to hang the curtain and also one of the easiest ways for adding a pop of color to the mix. 

8.  Ribbon Wreath 

ribbon wreath

Making a wreath is one of the more time-consuming DIYs that will take a little bit extra time and creativity. But a ribbon-wrapped wreath is so adorable and also perfect for a little girl’s bedroom, on the front door, or your own crafty space. 

9.  Ribbon Vases 

You can easily transform a plain glass florist vase into a colorful and chic bouquet by adding ribbon scrap on this. It would make a great birthday or anniversary gift filled with inexpensive flowers. 

These are some of the best and easy DIY home decoration ideas using ribbons. You can try all the above-mentioned crafts to enhance the appearance of your living space. To make your craft more cost-effective, you can find one of the best craft product suppliers for buying ribbons, fabrics, deco mesh, chair covers, tablecloths, and many others.