9 Awesome DIY Birthday Decor Ideas to Make Your Party Memorable BBCrafts.com

Between finding a perfect birthday gift and pulling off intimidating new cake recipes, birthday parties are tough enough. But you should not take more stress when it comes to decoration. You can make your birthday decoration easier and also add fun at the same with DIY birthday decoration ideas.

A DIY decoration idea is one of the best ideas to impress your loved ones. It is ideal to find an online craft store for buying ribbons, fabrics, deco mesh, flower petals, and many other craft supplies. Below, I’m going to share some interesting DIY birthday decoration ideas that will help you in throwing a perfect party.

1. Tassel Garlands
Now, tassel garlands are in trend. They are easy to make and also look fabulous when hanged as a party decoration. Colorful tassels are outstanding if you are planning to make this for your loved one’s birthday party.

2. Delightful Pinwheels
By using a scrapbook, you can make beautiful pinwheels. You can use these pretty whimsical accents for decorating your cake-cutting table and the gift area.

3. Colorful Chandeliers
This is one of the most beautiful and super easy décor ideas to decorate your home for an outstanding birthday bash. For making this beautiful DIY birthday craft, grab all your printed and colorful ribbons, cardboard, or metal ring. After grabbing all craft supplies, tie all the ribbons to the ring and hang it up when you are going to throw a birthday party.

4. Ice Cream Decorations
If your loved ones love ice cream then it will be good to opt for an ice cream birthday party theme. It is very simple and will help you in making your decoration adorable. For this theme, you need to make some cones with paper and place a balloon on the top of the cone. You can hang them on the wall and near your cake table.

5. Rainbow Themed Party
A wonderful party that is filled with colors, an awesome theme that is fun, easy, and colorful to host. There is no other than a rainbow theme party. This is one of the best themes for kids because it is full of colors and attractive. This birthday theme decoration is also popular among children.

6. Glitter Balloons
This is one of the easy and quick DIY birthday decoration ideas that are so adorable. For this theme, you need some big size balloons, glitter, and glue. After grabbing all the materials, blow them up and use some glue to draw strips on the balloons, and add glitter. You can blow off the extra glitter from the balloon and let it dry completely.

7. Glass Centerpieces
If you are looking for some elegant birthday décor ideas then this is for you. For making this, you will need some glass jars, battery-operated candles, and golden glitters. Start by applying some glue inside your jar and then add golden glitter. Shake out the access glitter and place a candle in the middle of your jar.

8. Handmade Birthday Banner
You can make a beautiful birthday banner at your home. For making this, you will need some colorful paper, string, and card stock paper. Begin by cutting colorful paper into some different shapes and create letters. After that, take your card stock paper and make circles or any other shapes. Be sure they are big enough to paste the letters on them. At last, put your cardstock décor on the string and your handmade birthday banner is done.

9. Drinking Straws
Colorful drinking straws are loved by kids as well as adults. The best thing is about this is that anyone can create these at their home. You will need to draw and cut some comic lips or any other design and stick them onto one side of your straw. This birthday décor item can also be your party prop.

These are some cute DIY birthday party décor ideas that can delight your guests. You can find an online craft and décor supplies supplier for buying ribbons, fabrics, deco mesh, chair covers, tablecloths, rattail cord, and many other products.