9 Creative DIY Summer Craft Ideas to Add Fun to Your Holiday Season BBCrafts.com

During the summer holiday, many people like to spend their time traveling to different areas. During this free time, it is one of the best ideas to involve yourself in making some creative crafts for your home decoration. It is also a golden opportunity to improve and show your creativeness.

You can utilize your holiday to make simple and easy, yet creative DIY summer crafts. It will also allow you to save money on your home decoration. Below, I’m going to share some easy and creative summer crafts that you can make with your family and kids.

1. Wonderful Outdoor Hanging Tree Lantern
Everyone likes to spend their evening time in the garden or nature especially during the summer holidays. It could be one of the best ideas if you make some DIY hanging tree lanterns for making the environment amazing.

Hanging Tree Lantern

2. Home Décor with Flowers
A flower is one of the best décor items for decorating a home. If you want to give a natural vibe to your home during summer, then making some hanging planters are one of the best ideas. It will help you to effortlessly add a lot of natural beauty to your interior. You can either select the flowers of your own choice or consider the color theme of your interior.

 Home Décor with Flowers

3. DIY Bird Feeders
In summer, you can see birds in the garden on trees and also around plants. They need some water, so it is great to make a DIY bird feeder in summer for your backyard garden. This is also one of the best DIY projects in the summer. By making this DIY project, you can enhance the look of your garden and also help the thirsty birds.


4. DIY Floating Candle with Flowers Idea
This is one of the most creative DIY ideas for decorating your home. They are great for decorating your home, as well as wedding functions. You can also make floating candles for some special occasion. This DIY floating candle with flowers will enhance the ambience of your living room or bedroom.

Floating Candle

5. DIY Summer Fruit Trays
One of the great ideas to make your summer holiday creative is to use fruit trays. You can transform your simple and regular trays into special DIY summer trays that have some fruits painted on them. You can also include your kids in making this DIY.

Fruit Trays

6. Dotty Diary
You can encourage your kids to write more by having them create their own diaries. You can help them to add a personal touch to their diaries with DIY dot art decorations. For making this, you will need construction paper, a plain journal, glue, and a punch.

7. DIY Sandals
There is nothing that says summer quite like open-toed sandals. Instead of purchasing a pair of uncomfortable and cheaply made flip-flops, you can try to make your own custom footwear this summer. For making this, you can use the soles of your old pair of shoes that you don’t wear. You can add some decorative flowers for embellishing the straps or keeping them clean for a more minimal aesthetic.

8. Sumer Treats Window Ornaments
You can make adorable window ornaments shaped like some of your favorite summer snacks, including ice cream cones, watermelon slices, or popsicles. Each adornment is sculpted out of pipe cleaner before being dipped in a water and borax mixture for achieving a crystalline finish. It will look great as a window ornament or room decoration.

9. Paper Umbrella Wreath
This is one of the best ideas for home summer-themed décor projects. This is also an inexpensive craft that you can throw together in no time at all. You will need to buy a branch wreath from any craft store. After that, place the parasols into the gaps in the woven twigs. There is no need to use glue in these DIY projects.

These are some easy and fun DIY summer projects that you can make. You can find a leading online wholesale fabric and craft product supplier for buying ribbons, tulle fabric, organza fabric, deco mesh, rhinestone, flower petals, and many others.