9 Easy Steps to Make a Gorgeous DIY Ribbon and Chain Necklace BBCrafts.com

A ribbon necklace is one of the easiest craft projects that produce a lovely piece of jewelry. There are several ways to make a ribbon necklace, including using just the ribbon, using a variation of ribbons, or interweaving beads with the ribbon.

You can also make a fabulous ribbon and chain statement necklace by braiding together a mix of ribbon, chain, and pearl strands around each other. It is ideal to find a wholesale ribbon supplier for purchasing different kinds of ribbons such as satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, burlap ribbon, silk ribbon, lace ribbon, mesh ribbon, and many others at discounted prices. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step tutorial for making a beautiful ribbon necklace.

Materials That You Will Need:

  • 2 x 30cm ribbon shards of your choice
  • Assortment of 4mm or 5mm round pearls
  • 2 types of chain
  • Beading cord
  • Silk beading cord
  • Embroidery thread
  • 2 large ribbon ends
  • Clasp and extender chain
  • Jump rings
  • Gemstone glue
  • Tape
  • Smooth-edged nose pliers, smooth nose pliers, wire cutters, and fabric scissors


Step 1:

Start by making a strand of pearl and then cut off a length of beading cord and tie a double knot in one end, leaving a 3-inch tail. After that, yarn on your pearls till you have an extent of around 30cm. Again, tie a knot in the other end and leave a 3-inch tail.

Step 2:

In this step, layout your chain, ribbon, and gems, confirm that you have six dissimilar strands of materials altogether. You need to cut your chain to size using a wire cutter. And then trim your ribbon to the required length with your scissors.

Step 3:

After getting six strands of material lined up, cut off a little embroidery thread and tie all the pieces together at one end tightly.

Step 4:

After tying all strands together, you should tape the whole lot to your table for keeping everything in place as you start to make your necklace. Now divide your six aspects into three pairs, confirm you are happy with the technique the appearance of the dissimilar strands next to each other.

Step 5:

Now, start braiding with your three strands and you should start on the left or right side. You need to fold each of the separate strands over the strand in the middle for forming a braid and then endure braiding till you begin running out of the room at the other end.

Step 6:

After reaching the other end of the strand, you should tie them together with some more embroidery thread. It will form the main part of the necklace.

Step 7:

Start at one end and trim off any additional cord, ribbon, and chain, and then use gemstone glue into one of the large ribbon ends. You should force the ribbon, cord, bundle of chain, and pearls into the ribbon end and clasp them for few minutes.

Step 8:

Leave the side of the necklace to dry completely and repeat step 7 for making the other side of the necklace.

Step 9:

At last, measure how much chain you will need for your neck size. At that time, you should also take into account the size of the main part of the necklace that you have made. And then cut the chain into two equivalent lengths and confer each to the ribbon ends with jump rings.

Open your jump rings using your round nose and flat nose pliers and when you’ve coupled the chain, use these tools once more to close the jump rings. Attach the clasp and extender chain to the added ends of each length of chain, using the similar method above. Now, your ribbon and chain necklace will be complete.

By following the above-mention steps carefully, you can make your own ribbon necklace. You can find a leading wholesale ribbon and craft product supplier for purchasing satin ribbon, tulle fabric, lace, chair cover, tablecloth, and many others.