9 Simple Steps to Make a Fun Bright Deco Mesh Summer Wreath BBCrafts.com

Welcome the guests to your summer get-together with unique and innovative decoration. A deco mesh wreath is easy to make, as well as an awesome summertime craft. By gathering some supplies and wonderful ideas, you can make a beautiful wreath to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

If you love all the fun summer colors and bright florals, then you can make truly an outstanding wreath say hello summer. It is ideal to find a reliable fabric supplier for buying tulle fabrics, organza fabrics, satin ribbons, chair covers, deco mesh for wreaths, tablecloths, and many others at reasonable prices. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step tutorial that will help you to make your own summer wreath without any problem.

Suppliers You will Need for This DIY Project:

  • 15-inch Deco Mesh Work Wreath Frame (24–25-inch diameter)
  • 5-inch Yellow Deco Mesh
  • Ribbon
  • Greenery Bush
  • Hydrangea Bush
  • Floral Filler
  • Glue Sticks
  • Glue Pan
  • Floral wire
  • Wire Cutters


Step 1: Add Deco Mesh to Wire Wreath Form

Start by taking your wreath form and find a place in your inner ring to lay your mesh down into it and twist it tight using twist ties. The twists ties are generally vague wire pieces that come involved in the wreath form.

After that, measure 10-inches and place in the next twist tie. It will make you able to create loops around your wreath using twist ties. It is great to work around this section.

When you will complete connecting your inner ring to your outer ring by dragging down your deco mesh and involving it to one of the inner ring twist ties and twist, cut the end off and twig the end down into the frame.

Step 2: Add Ribbon Trails

Use 4 different ribbon outlines and cut each ribbon 14-inches long and merge the ends. And then layer two ribbons on top of each other, crease in half, and begin adding them to your twist ties of the wreath form.

You can work your own way around the wreath for adding ribbon trails but ensure to alternate ribbon patterns as you add to the wreath. Once you have twisted ribbons to the wreath form successfully, give them a little tug creating an X-shape.

Step 3: Make Your Bows

In this step, start to measure out your first ribbon tail, pinch it, as well as make two lops gauging 12 inches long and meandering after each loop. You need to do the same with the orange pattern ribbon, jutting them on each other. Also adding in your third ribbon repeating the same method and secure the center with a wire. At last, join the ends together to stretch your bow a finished look.

Step 4: Attach Sign

With the help of pipe cleaners attach 4 to the back of the sign. Place one in each corner and use these as anchor points for securing the sign to the wire wreath base. When the sign is in place, pull out your mesh poofs for covering up the edges of the sign to help blend it in with your wreath.

Step 5: Attach Bows

In the left top corner of the wreath attach the bows and then add a second bow in the bottom left corner. After attaching the bows, take some time for fluffing out all the loops, as well as give your ribbon tails some love.

Step 6: Add Greenery

It will add texture to your wreath. If you want to fluff out your greenery pieces then fluff out greenery pieces first before placing them in your wreath. When your greenery pieces are nice and fluffed, start by engaging them around the edge of your wreath.

For placing greenery to your wreath, simply stick them into your mesh right where the needs ties are placed.

Step 7: Add Focal Florals

Now, dip the ends of your hydrangeas into the hot glue and place them into the wreath making a triangle pattern. You can place three floral pieces around the sign, one in the top corner and two on each of the bottom corners.

Now you need to add the remaining hydrangeas to the exterior of your wreath. You can also be creative and place them wherever you like.

Step 8: Add Filler Florals

Begin by separating the filler floral piece into several pieces. It will help you to add another layer of texture as well as color. Adding color and texture to a wreath is important and the floral pieces help to do both. You can add floral pieces by working them back forth on each side and top and bottom.

Step 9: Final Touches

At last, step back and check out your work. If you see any holes in your wreath then add a ribbon piece for filling those gaps and holes.

By following the above-mentioned step-by-step tutorials, you can make a beautiful summer wreath. You can also find a wholesale ribbon and craft product supplier for buying satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, deco mesh, tulle fabric, wreath wireframe, flower petals, rhinestone, and many others at discounted prices.