How Effective is Burlap Fabric as a Décor Material? 6 Uses of Burlap Fabric

Depending on where you live, you would know it as burlap, or jute, or hessian. This is a woven, natural fabric. One of the most loved of all the fabrics around the globe, burlap comes in various types, patterns and forms and is highly used for multitudes of uses in décor projects, art, craft, along with plat protection, and much more.

Right from burlap rolls to other types, you can find this fabric in different forms in the market, offline as well as online. Made precisely from jute plant (although some other plants too are used to make burlap), this fabric has become highly popular in the recent times owing to the aesthetic appeal as well as durability it provides to the projects and use purpose.

Uses of Burlap

  1. Wedding Decoration

Chic and naturally decorated weddings are a rage. And burlap makes all this possible in various ways. You can use this multi-purpose decorative material to embellish your wedding venue in ways like table runners, chair bows, swags, along with several other crafts and arrangements.

  1. Table Runner

Whether it is an event, a party or general home interior décor, table runners add a touch of beautiful texture. Give this a shabby-chic look with burlap table runners, which can be added with fringe to give an enhanced look and feel.

  1. Pillowcases

This might come as a surprise and something that you might not have imagined before. However, it is a great and effective way to not only create a designer pillow case but one that is also convenient and comfortable to rest on. These are durable and when you add matching or contrasting woven fabric beneath the burlap that ensures there is show-through of the pillow form.

  1. Vase Decor

Vases are not just a useful utility for any home or interior space but a great addition to the overall décor as well. When you cover this up with beautiful burlap crafts like as a ‘sack’, then it gives a whole new texture to the overall look and feel of the vase.

  1. Photo Frames

Just try placing burlap in your photo frames behind photos and you feel find how great that addition will come out to be. This can be done easy and quickly and provides a rustic charm to the look of the frame.

  1. Pin Board

Creating a pin board or any wall hanging is also an easy project like a photo frame. Have a blank canvas filled with burlap that can be added using staples or glue. Now use this pin board to post photos or stick notes or anything that you want.

When you are looking to buy burlap, then ensure that you pick the right type of burlap fabric in precise size and shape so as to fit your requirement. Similar to burlap fabric, when you want to use other types of decorative materials like red sparkle ribbon and more, you should pick only quality and follow the right guideline to use that in your art and craft effectively.