How to Make a Beautiful Valentine’s Day Wreath Using Burlap Ribbons?

Making your own Valentine’s Day wreath is one of the best and perfect ideas for celebrating the holiday and decorating your home. A wreath helps to create an elegant look for your front door. Valentine’s Day is such an amazing holiday. This is a day when people get to let everyone know how much they love them.

There are many individuals that love to do as many crafts as they can. In just a few minutes, you will have a wreath that grants the holiday amazingly as well as makes everyone smile. It is ideal to find a wholesale fabric supplier for buying mesh ribbon, white burlap ribbon, tulle fabric, organza fabric, chair cover, table runner, candle holder, and many others at the best prices. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide for making your own valentine’s Day wreath.

Materials That You Will Need:

  • Foam wreath form
  • Pink burlap ribbon
  • Red burlap ribbon
  • Red ribbon with white hearts
  • 2 spools of red and white heart ribbon
  • Push pins
  • Small wood plaque
  • Used corner sign wood shape
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk
  • Redwood heart
  • Pink acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors


Step 1:

Start by cutting your pink burlap ribbon into 8- or 12-inch-long pieces. After that, you should fold the ends together and then crease the center.

Step 2:

In this step, you need to push the pin into the center of the ribbon and press it into the wreath form. You should repeat this step until you have eight pieces on the wreath form.

Step 3:

After that, cut the 1.5inch red ribbon with hearts on it into 8,12-inch-long portions. You can cut the ends into a V-shape with scissors. You should fold the ribbon in half and crease the middle. Put a pin into the center and press onto the garland form, next to the pink burlap.

Step 4:

Then, cut 8 pieces of tulle 12-inch in length.

Step 5:

Cut the small white ribbon with hearts on it (5/8-inch) in 6 -inch and 7-inch shards. You’ll require 8 of each dimension.

Step 6:

Crinkle the ends of the tulle to the midpoint and crease together. Place the smaller ribbon parts on the topmost of the tulle center in an X-shape. Push a pin over the center and push into the wreath form next to the prevailing ribbon. Recurrence with a shadier color tulle and red 5/8-inch ribbon.

Step 7:

Now, cut 8 pieces of 4-inch burlap ribbon in 12-inches lengths. Pleat the ends to the middle and squeeze them together. Place a pin into the midpoint and push it into the garland form. Adjust the streamers as required, shaping them and dragging out the loose trimmings so they display up more.

Step 8:

Shade the wood sign with chalkboard tint and let dry. Complement an additional coat. When dry, scrawl on the wood plaque and polish the chalk into the wood with your fingers to make a distressed chalkboard consistency.

Step 9:

Then, dye the wood heart with pink acrylic shade and let dry. Ascribe the heart to the wood sign with hot glue. Inscribe a Valentine’s Day message onto the chalkboard.

Step 10:

At last, attach to the wreath with hot glue.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can make a beautiful Valentine’s Day wreath. You can find one of the best fabric and craft product suppliers for buying fabrics, themed ribbons, chair covers, bows, purple stain tablecloths, rhinestones, and many others.