How to Make a Cute Mini Bow with a Ribbon and Fork?

Bows are perfect for wedding gifts and an amazing addition to any event or venue décor. Do you remember the bunny ear trick you learned during your childhood days? It still applies when crafting bows.

You can tie bows with any sort of ribbon using a simple fork and you will love how crisp and clean it turns out. From easy bows for flower girl sashes and wedding ceremonies to more elaborated bows with wired ribbons for wreaths and wedding aisle décor, you can make a beautiful bow using a very simple technique.

Check out our step-by-step tutorial for how to make a lovely bow out of ribbon and fork, ideal for all craft projects, occasions, and seasons.

What will you need?

  • Ribbon (any type)
  • Scissors
  • A fork


Step 1 –

Take any kind of ribbon in any color you’d like and cut a strip of it approximately 30cm long. Then, wrap the piece of ribbon around the fork. 

Step 2 –

Take an underneath piece of ribbon and fold it over the top of the fork while taking it down through the middle of the prongs. Then, pull both ends tightly.

Step 3 –

Take the ribbon end that you have threaded through the middle of the prongs and bring it up to the top keeping it behind the fork. Then, pull it through the middle of the prongs, taking it above the other piece of the ribbon.

Step 4 –

Put the two ends of the ribbon tightly and tie them properly together in a knot. Slide the bow off of the fork.

Step 5 –

Now trim the ends of the ribbon to your desired length and your cute little bow is ready. 

After creating an attractive bow, the possibilities are endless. You can use fork bows to decorate the picture frame, bobby pins, cards, or anything else that needs extra charm and elegance. You can create multiple bows in different colors using the same technique and use it for birthday surprises, invitation cards, wreaths, braided headbands, and other craft projects.

For these types of bows, you can use any kind of ribbon of your desired thickness. Any width works well, but remember the wider the ribbon, the bigger the bow. Once you learn this art, you can use it for outfits, like a flower girl’s dress, or as a hair accessory. 

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