How to Make Beautiful Folded Rose Flowers with Ribbons?

To make your gifts or home décor stand out adding a personalized touch using DIY crafts is an amazing idea. The handmade beauties help add a personalized touch and elegance to any item. When it comes to DIY crafts, folded rose flowers are an excellent choice to decorate, gifts, cards & accessories. You can make beautiful, folded rose flowers using ribbons. Here is the easy step-by-step guide to creating beautiful, folded rose flowers with ribbons. 

Materials You Need to Make Folded Rose Flowers with Ribbons

There are many ways to make folded rose flowers with ribbons, in the process we followed we only needed:

  • Scissors - To cut the ribbon
  • Thread & Needle - To secure the roses
  • Hot glue gun (Optional)
  • Floral wire (Optional)
  1. Preparing the Strips

Choose your desired ribbon color for this project. Cut the ribbon into long strips of 12-18 inches. The number of strips will define the fullness of the rose

  1. Folding the Ribbon

Take one strip of ribbon and fold it in half with the shiny side on the inside. Roll the folded end tightly to create the center of the rose. Remember to maintain a tight and neat shape while folding and rolling the ribbons

  1. Creating the Petals

Twisting the ribbon slightly to form the petals. The more you twist, the more defined will be the petals of the flower. Keep twisting until you reach the end of the ribbon strip. 

  1. Securing the Rose

Once you are at the end of the ribbon, you need to secure the rose. You can do it by stitching through the base using a needle and thread or using a small dab of hot glue. Secure the rose rightly to hold the shape together.

  1. Building the Rose

Fold, twist, and secure the remaining ribbon strips to create more roses. To add depth and dimension vary the sizes and shades of the ribbons.

  1. Stem and Assembly of Roses

To arrange the rose in vases or use them in floral arrangements, create a stem of roses by attaching a floral wire to the base of each rose.

Now, showcase your creativity by using the flowers to decorate gift boxes, handmade cards, or other accessories. The possibilities for using folded rose flowers are endless.

You can make beautiful roses in a few simple steps to showcase your creativity and add a touch of elegance to your home decor, gifts, card, or accessories. We hope you enjoyed the process of making these beautiful folded rose flowers. So, get crafty and try this artistic way to add a personal touch to any item of your choice.

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