How to Make Beautiful Scrunchies Using Tulle Fabric?

Summer has arrived, you can just prepare something especially for summer – some colorful and exciting scrunchies. It can be an inordinate handmade gift for girls which you can style in your own way – use your inspiration and put not only the pom poms into your scrunchies, but also some beads, sequins, ribbons, fabric scraps, or change the tulle for additional transparent material.

If you are more into somewhat new, you can try ruffle scrunchies. It is ideal to find a wholesale fabric supplier for buying tulle fabric by the bolt, organza fabric, mesh ribbon, lace fabric, and many others at economical prices. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide to making scrunchies.

To Make One Scrunchie You Will Need:

  • A sewing appliance and basic sewing apparatuses
  • A piece of soft tulle 45 x 10 cm (18 x 4 inches)
  • An elastic – 18 cm (7 inches)
  • 2 safety pins
  • Pom poms (as various as you want)


Step 1:

Start by cutting out a piece of soft tulle.

Step 2:

After cutting the tulle to the desired length, fold them in half lengthwise with the right sides together. Now, you should sew along the long edge using a 1cm seam allowance. You will need to make a tube with two open ends.

Also, backstitch at the beginning and at the end of all stitching. After that, turn your tube right side out.

Step 3:

With the help of a safety pin, you should attach one end of the elastic to the scarp of the fabric. And then place a second safety pin on another end of the elastic and thread it through the tube.

Now, you should tie both ends of the elastic together making a double knot. You can also sew both ends of the elastic.

Step 4:

In this step, start to keep the pom poms inside your tube and then close the gap. You should tuck the one finish of your tube inside the second one and sew close to the edge to close up the tube and varnish your scrunchie.

After that, evenly distribute the pom poms inside your tube. And your scrunchie is ready to gift or wear.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can make beautiful scrunchies. You can find one of the well-known wedding and craft product suppliers for buying organza fabric, lace fabric, tulle by the bolt, mesh ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, satin fabric, and many others at reasonable prices.