How to Make Easy DIY Ribbon Tassel Keychain to Showcase Your Creativity?

I have always been very fond of looking for appealing craft ideas and turn them into an inspirational art of work. Since childhood, I spend a pretty much time crafting decorative pieces at home for party decorations or even for everyday fun. Once I lost a leather keychain and decided to bring out my inner craft enthusiast to make a fancy tassel keychain.


I feel the ribbon tassel keychain is the best scrap buster for anyone who enjoys crafting. You might have seen beautiful tassels hanging all around bags to fashion accessories, upholstery, and scrapbooks. No matter what the occasion, they never fail to bring a sense of liveliness, joy, and positivity. And the best part is they are quite easy to make with lace, sequin fabrics, ribbon, gold or embroidery thread, and other craft materials.

I would love to share how I made a few DIY ribbon tassel keychains for different purposes. To help you get started, in this guide, I have tried to cover step-by-step instructions on how to make some attractive ribbon tassel keychains at home.


1. Ribbon Tassel

I love how pretty tassels look on all items like accessories, dresses, and earrings. They are everywhere these days. Here’s the tutorial on how you can make your very own DIY tassels:


Materials you’ll need:


  • A pair of scissors
  • Ribbons in a variety of colors
  • Embroidery floss
  • 2-ply lame cord
  • Key rings
  • A paper clip



Step 1: Take ribbons

It is great to start by picking ribbons in a similar color scheme. I opted for beige, gold, and white. I’d highly suggest you use lace ribbons to achieve a vintage look. I picked ribbons in different textures as well; one was in a burlap texture, the second was in a sheer texture, and another with a woven gold thread.


Step 2: Pick a Suitable Length

I made a tassel in different lengths between 3 to 4 inches. Also, make sure to double the length of ribbons before cutting them. Cut it into between 6 to 8 inches and after you get your desired strands cut, organize them properly.


Step 3: Weave Ribbons through Key Ring

Take the ends of ribbons and weave them through the end of the key ring. Then, place the key ring in the center of all accumulated ribbons. Fold the ribbons over the key ring and secure them well together.


Step 4: Tie Ribbons with Lame Cord

Double the lame cord about 24 inches in total and tie the knot. Be sure to secure all the ribbons gently in the knot. Wrap the cord around the ribbon several times until you can’t notice them underneath.


Step 5: Hiding the Ends of Lame Cord

Once the double knot is tied properly, cut the ends and let ¼ and ½ inches of lame cord sticking out. Take the end of a paperclip, secure the loose ends, and hide the knot for a smooth finish.


2. Colorful Embroidered Ribbon Tassel

I picked satin ribbons and trims of some leftover pieces from other projects to make a vibrant ribbon tassel keychain for my car keys. You can also use this tassel to hang it on a bag or doorknob. Here’s the tutorial on how to take decorative embroidered tassel from start to finish:


Materials you’ll need:


  • Scraps of trims and ribbon
  • Sewing needle
  • Beads and thread
  • Scissors




Step 1: Take out your Trims and Ribbons

Start looking for pieces that are at least 14 inches long. In case if you don’t have sufficient leftovers, you can use pieces of embroidery floss, thin ribbon, and yarn.


Step 2: Organize all the Trims Together

Take all the trims and spread it out properly to ensure you have a selection of different organza ribbons in one place.


Step 3: Tie a Knot

Fold trims in half and put out one ribbon to tie a knot at the top of the tassel. Pull up the ends of the ribbon and tie them into a knot.


Step 4: Cut the Ends

Now trim the ends of the tassel properly. You can give them all the same length but I like to go with random ends to make it look more natural and edgy. Once your tassel is done, start embellishing it with some beads and threads to bring more fun.


Step 5: Secure the Bead Strands

Now take a needle and secure the bead strand on the top of the tassel. Sew the beads properly, knot the end, and trim. And your very own tassel keychain is ready!


Start Crafting for You, Your Family & Friends!

While digging into my craft items stash, I’ve got an idea to make these personalized tassel keychains. Well, I love how both of these DIY tassel keychains have turned out. I am glad that I can use it for various purposes like doorknobs, scrapbooking, car keys, and many more.

If you love the tassel trend as much as I do, you can simply grab some craft supplies and showcase your creative side.