One of the most important elements of floral design is also the most essential supply – the vase. Because floral décor can get a tad repetitive, there are several unexpected flower vases to shake things up. You can also make your own by using some craft supplies and creativity.

Flower vases help to make romantic, yet simple arrangements that are a cure to charm everyone who sees them. It is ideal to find an online wedding and craft store to purchase tulle fabrics, organza fabrics, burlap ribbons, silk ribbons, chair covers, tablecloths, and many others at reasonable prices. Below, I’m going to share some easy and simple ways to make beautiful flower vases.

  • DIY Wrapped Flower Vases

Supplies That You Will Need:

  • Cube votive cups or vases
  • 9-inches ribbons per vase
  • Clear double-faced tape
  • Fabric glue
  • Gladiola bloom per vase
  • Scissors
  • Floral clippers or floral knife


  • First, wash and dry your vases and then take a 9-inch-long ribbon for each vase.
  • After that, lay the vase on its side and the side facing up, use a piece of clear double-sided tape along the right edge.
  • Now, start to stick the end of the ribbon over the taped edge. Make sure, your ribbon edges line up with the top and bottom of the vase. You need to stretch the ribbon around two sides of the vase using a line of glue on the top of the ribbon where it is secured with tape and endure covering till you have gone all the way around the vase.
  • In this step, hold the ribbon down on the glued point for a few moments and place glued side down and let them dry completely.
  • After drying glue, neatly trim the ribbon. And then fill the vase halfway with the water, cut single bloom from the gladiola, and place it in the vase.

There are several ways to use them. You can put them together and place them randomly in the center of your table.

  • DIY Hanging Flower Vase

This flower vase is fabulous for an outdoor wedding that will add a fairytale vibe to your space. By following some simple steps, you can make this.


  • Variety of small glass vases
  • Natural hemp or jute cord
  • Flower stems

But, make sure the vases you select have rims at the top, so the cord can be wrapped under the edge and be secured for hanging.


  • Start by cutting one long piece of hemp to wrap around the vase.
  • In this step, you should find the very middle of the hemp and wrap it tightly under the rim of the vase. Tie the hemp in a tight knot for securing the wraps.
  • You should repeat the above-mentioned process with your other chosen bottles. You should leave the hemp hanging long so that you can use this for hanging the vase.
  • Now, start to cut your chosen foliage into small sprigs, to fit wonderfully in each Vase. And then, fill the vases with water and insert your flowers.

In your backyard, find a low-hanging tree branch and tie your vases around the branch. You should use small vases because a large vase will be very heavy.

These are some outstanding ways to make your own flower vases. You can find a prominent wedding and craft product supplier for purchasing organza fabrics, satin ribbons, burlap ribbons, deco mesh, chair covers, tablecloths, silk flower petals, rhinestones, and any others at wholesale prices.