How to Sew Organza for Using in Any Craft Project

Organza is a stiff silk fabric that is used for wedding gowns and other different types of occasion dresses, décor and craft projects. We use organza because it can add structure and volume to a dress, but it can also be difficult to sew.

So, you will need to know some dox and don’ts of sewing with it. You may also want to take some extra care when you cut, measure and prepare your fabric.

Working with Organza

  1. Change Your Sewing Machine Needle:
    For sewing organza, your regular needle might be okay, but it is best to check it first and for working with organza fabric, you’ll need about a dozen universal needles. You can use a small size sharp needle as these are usually suitable for sewing with a delicate fabric. Make sure you have changed your needle recently. It’s important to change your needle after every project or at least after every four hours of sewing with the same needle.

  2. Set Your Machine to the stretch Stitch Setting:
    When sewing with organza, it is best to use the straight stitch setting. It is most basic stitch. Avoid fancy stitch for organza fabric.

  3. Avoid Backstitching:
    Avoid the backstitching to work with organza because it can damage the fabric. Only sew your fabric one time in one direction. You should also keep in mind; that you cannot use a seam ripper for organza fabric. You know, tearing out stitches damages the fabric. If you make any mistake, then you need to get a new fabric and start over.

  4. Hold the Fabric on Both Sides:
    When you are sewing organza fabric, then it’s important to hold the fabric on both sides. Keep your one hand behind the presser foot and other hands in front of it. Don’t apply too much pressure, it may affect the stitching. So, keep the fabric taut.
  5. Run Test on a Piece of Scrap Fabric First:
    Before sewing organza, try testing your stitches on a scrap piece of fabric first. It gives you a chance to adjust your settings before working on the actual project.

How to Use Organza for Project

  1. Opt for Simple Design:
    It’s not necessary to use an intricate design when you are working with organza because it is fancy enough on its own. So, opt for a simple design that’ll showcase the fabric.

  2. Press the Fabric with a Dry Iron If Needed:
    If your fabric is wrinkled then you want to press it before you sew. So, use a dry iron to press it if needed.

  3. Hold Down the Edges when Cutting and Sewing:
    Organza is slippery, so it’s important to hold it when you’re cutting and sewing. Don’t use the pin; it can damage the fabric, and try to use double sided tape to hold it.

  4. Use a Pencil, Pen or Chalk to Mark the Fabric:
    Avoid using the marker and anything else that might not come off the fabric easily, because organza gets strained easily. So, you can use a pen, pencil or chalk to mark the organza fabric.

This way, you can sew an organza fabric and use it effectively in your craft project.

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