How to Use Organza Ribbon to Create Easy yet Amazing Home Décor & Crafts

What comes to your mind hearing the word- ribbon? If I am right, several visuals of ribbon crafts adorning different items, arrangements, venues and so.

Ribbon is, undoubtedly, one of the most important elements that provides endless opportunities and in art, craft and décor.

Crafting & Décor with Organza Ribbon

 Ribbons come in several types. Organza is one of those. And even in it, you can find an extensive range of style, color, pattern options like a charming purple organza ribbon, and many more.

Here, we are going to tell you a few simple and amazing décor and crafts you can create with organza ribbon:

  • Create Decorative Trim

This is one craft idea that will spruce up your décor immensely. You just need to add ribbons to the trim of usual items around your home like lampshades, throw pillows, picture frames and so. A simple technique like this adds great visual ribbon flair to the overall vibe.

  • Add Color to the Key Chains

There are times when you may find your keys getting mixed up. Now you can separate the keys for different rooms or items by color coding them. Just add different ribbons to the key chains, which not only make the keys distinguished but also help to keep them secured.

  • Give Flair to the Dinnerware

Your kitchen can make use of versatility of ribbons to infuse vibrancy. Use these around wine glass base or use as napkin ties. Distinguish wine glasses at a party tying ribbons to the stern of glasses, so everyone is aware of which glass is whose.

  • Create Garlands at a Function

Making a decorative garland to use at a baby shower, or a birthday party, or any other function is a fun yet simple way. This is a pretty low-cost way that will also help you create a craft piece loved by all.

  • Make Chic Bookmarks

You can easily replace the boring bookmarks with ribbons. Craft these bookmarks in a personalized way by adding bells or even a charm to the bookmark base.

These are just five crafts, but there is no limit to in how many ways you can use different ribbon types around your home, or anywhere. You just have to bring in your imagination and you can get a perfectly amazing and mesmerizing craft finish in the end. For the creative craft and décor finish, always search for quality ribbons, poly deco mesh suppliers, or for any other décor item.