Ribbons are one of the coolest and affordable craft materials that can be used for various purposes and decorations. By using ribbons, you can also make fabulous DIY crafts for the coming Christmas. You can make ribbon ornaments, wreaths, trees, and many others and hang them anywhere to enhance your décor.

How to Use Personalized Ribbons to Create a Gorgeous Christmas Tree?

You can also use ribbons for decorating your Christmas cake. It is ideal to find a reliable online fabric store to buy ribbons, fabrics, tablecloths, chair covers, deco mesh, favor bags, flower petals, and many others. Below, I’m going to share tips to use ribbons to create a gorgeous Christmas tree.

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • 5-inch wide Ribbon
  • Real or artificial Christmas tree
  • Your favorite ornaments
  • Holiday Lights


Step 1: Set Up Your Christmas Tree

Start by set up your artificial or real Christmas tree wherever you want it to go in your living room. Also, make sure it is steadily stiffened in the tree stand. There is nothing worse than a tree slanting over after you have got it attractively decorated. 

After setting up your Christmas tree, wrap it with the holiday lights. Do this before you drape personalized ribbon garland around your tree. This way the holiday lights can shine through the weave of the ribbon.

Step 2: Start at the Top of the Christmas Tree

After that, take one end of your ribbon and tie it around the top of your Christmas tree for holding it in place. For hiding your tree topper, use a twist tie, twine, or yarn to more discreetly for attaching the ribbons to the tip of your tree.

Step 3: Wrap the Ribbon Around Your Christmas Tree

Now unwind your roll of ribbons a little at a time and wrap it around your Christmas Tree. You should try not to get it caught on the tree needles.

As you work your method around the tree, you can turn, fold, or twist the ribbons at times to give it more of an easy layered or draped appearance. You can also weave in and out of branches.

Step 4: Adjust the Ribbon Garland, If Necessary

Once you’ve wrapped the garland around your Christmas tree, stand back and take a good look at it. You may need to correct the twists, turns, and folds in the ribbon so the ribbon shows or drapes perfectly.

Step 5: Add Your Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Now, it’s time for the best part. Get out your ornaments and start decorating your Christmas tree. If you don’t have a collection of favorite ornaments, you can make your own like Cinnamon stick crosses, mini embroidery hoop ornaments, and many others.

Step 6: Light Up Your Christmas Tree and Enjoy

After decorating your tree beautifully, make yourself some handmade hot coca, start up the holiday tunes, and turn down the overhead lights. Now,it’s time to let that outstanding Christmas tree twinkle and shine.

Christmas Tree

By following the above-mention tips you can make a rustic Christmas tree yourself. For making your craft budget-friendly, you can find a reliable wedding and craft product supplier to buy offray ribbons, specialized ribbons, fabrics, tablecloths, chair covers, flower petals, favor bags, and many others.



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