How to Use Tulle for Making Amazing DIY Easter Crafts?

Embellishing with tulle can provide you with a wide range of looks for your décor. The fabric weave is a honeycomb outline that creates a multipurpose mesh material. The fabric weave made is a perfect choice for wedding gowns, DIY crafts, decors, and many others.

Air passages through the supply which lets using it for layering without the mass and heat buildup of formerly used fabric. Anyone can find a lot of ideas to know how to decorate with tulle to add elegance to your celebration. Below, I’m going to share a step-by-step guide for making beautiful Easter crafts with tulle.

  • Easter Tulle Carrot Garland

Supplies You Will Need:

1 Yard of orange tulle

Orange thread and a needle

Green variegated yarn



Bow wire


  • Start by gathering all materials you will need for this DIY craft.
  • After that, cut the tulle into 12-inch circles and fold them in half and then stick the needle through the center for making a knot.
  • For completing your carrot shape, you will need to wind thread up and diagonally around the tulle for forming a carrot shape. Anchor it mid-up carrot with a sew. Pleat top and stitch closed. Fuzz carrot.
  • For making the foliage for the top of the carrot wrap yarn around portions four times.
  • Stitch the yarn twists to the top of the carrot, cut over loops, or leave them, for a completer look.
  • For making the bows for the garland keep the hair bow tool and ruler onto the mini bowmaker. Cut 12-inch of bow wire crease the wire in half and keep it into the bow maker. Pleat the ends of the wire below the bow maker.
  • Using the ruler, crease the ribbon for forming loops at the 1-inch mark. You should leave 6-inch of space between each bow. Endure creating bows along the ribbon wreath to complete the appearance.
  • Now, ascribe carrots using the bow wire and dangle your festive tulle carrot wreath in a window or along with a veil.


  • DIY Tutu Easter Basket

Materials That You Will Need:

  • Easter basket
  • Bunny ears headband
  • Pink tulle
  • 1-inch grosgrain ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

How to Make:

  • Start by cutting the ears off your bunny ears headband and then use a hot glue gun for attaching them to the top of the basket handle.
  • Now, use ribbons you got to create the Easter Basket Tutu to make bows for the ears. Use hot-glue to attribute them to the front of the ears.
  • Before cutting your ribbon to style the tutu, wrap it around the hamper top to understand how long you want it to be. Give yourself adequate room to tie it into a bow at the back of the hamper to ascribe it as well.
  • Cut strips of tulle to be about 12-inch long. Cut various, you’ll need many to make it full.
  • Tie the tulle onto the trimming you cut in a slip knot, like revealed. You don’t need to twitch it super close-fitting.
  • After finishing your tutu, tie it onto your tutu easter basket.
  • After Easter, your little one can attire the tutu. It’s super pretty and is a perfect way to make use of somewhat you’d usually only use once a year.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can make these beautiful Easter crafts. You can find one of the wedding and craft product suppliers for buying ribbon, tulle fabric, organza fabric, chair cover, table runner, and many others at reasonable prices.