The Easiest Ways to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath At Home in Multiple Colors

A vibrant, bending ribbon known as deco mesh is created from a mesh-like fabric. Deco mesh is a popular ribbon and a necessary component in many crafts because of its adaptability and vast range of colors. For example, colorful, seasonal wreaths can be made with deco mesh.


  1. Start attaching your first color:


  • Wrap floral wire or a small piece of metal wire over the end of the deco mesh ribbon to secure it in place as you wrap it around the frame.
  • To hide the rough edges, fold the ribbon's end under.
  • Use ribbon colors or wire that nearly matches the color of the metal frame.
  • 6-inch (15-cm) deco mesh ribbon should be a suitable size for standard-sized wreaths with several colors.


  1. Start wrapping the first ribbon around the frame:


  • Wrap the length once more around the frame after taking it around the beginning point and over the top of the frame.
  • The distance between each connecting point should be between 2 and 3 inches (5 and 8 cm). Separate the points uniformly.
  • The ribbon used to connect to the next connecting point should be about twice as long as the frame used to connect to it. If the connecting points, for instance, are 2 inches (5 cm) apart, you should need 4 inches (10 cm) of ribbon to get there.
  • To add volume, "fluff" or bundle up the deco mesh ribbon as you go.
  • Use a tiny wire to tie the ribbon to each connecting link.
  • Bring the ribbon back to the beginning and attach it to the original wire to complete the end. To conceal the raw edge, tuck the ribbon's end beneath.


  1. Start wrapping your second color
  • Place the second color ribbon so that it covers any gaps the first one left behind. By the time you're done, the metal frame ought to be mostly concealed.
  • The "fluffed up" or "bubbled" sections of the first ribbon will be positioned beneath the connecting points of the second ribbon.
  • The second ribbon should be spaced evenly throughout the previous ribbon's parts.
  • Using the same fine wire that was used to attach the first ribbon, fasten the second ribbon to the frame.


  1. Weave in additional hues


  • Any gaps on your wreath can be filled in with more deco mesh ribbon. Generally speaking, three or four colors work best, but you can use more or fewer, depending on the aesthetic you want.
  • You may also use a hue that was previously present in your wreath to fill in the gaps.
  • Use the same technique to secure extra ribbon layers as you did for the first two.


  1. Add more embellishments using glue


  • Heavy decorations, such ornaments, can be directly affixed to the frame using a hot glue gun.
  • Lighter ornaments, such as feathers or foam letters, can be affixed to the frame or the ribbon itself using craft glue.


There are a lot of DIY’s you can do to make different kinds of wreaths. Using deco mesh for wreaths is a great idea as deco mesh really enhances the look and feel of wreaths and makes them more aesthetically pleasing.