Valentine's Day Ribbon Heart

Whether ribbon was made for Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day for ribbons, nobody knows, but one thing is for certain; Valentine's Day is not complete without at least a little accent of pink or red ribbon!  This adorable little ribbon heart is the classic Valentine's embellishment and can be used in so many different ways, whether it be in your hair as a clip as shown here, on a card, or adorning a chocolate bar (our favorite!)  What a great DIY craft project that is quick and simple enough to even have your kids create some of their own for teachers, grandparents, etc.

Supplies Needed: Swiss Dots Grosgrain Ribbon in Red and Pink Grosgrain Ribbon in Red Alligator Clip Hot glue gun and Glue Scissors Lighter

Start by cutting your ribbon and heat sealing the ends. You need one 4" piece and one 4.5" piece of each color. You will also need one 4.5" piece of red for your lined clip.

Line up the matching colors and glue one end together with the smaller piece on top.

Repeat this step with your pink ribbon, again making sure the smaller piece is on top.

Glue the two pieces together to form a V shape.

Fold your top red piece over and in between the two pink pieces. Glue the ribbon down.

Fold your top pink piece over and under the first red piece. Glue the ribbon down on top of the  red ribbon.

Fold your bottom red piece over and under the pink ribbon. Glue the red ribbon down on top of the pink ribbon.

Fold your bottom pink piece over and weave it through the red ribbons. It will go under the first ribbon, above the second ribbon and then in between the two. Glue it down.

Line your alligator clip with your red ribbon. Glue the clip to the back of the heart.

Your heart clip is all finished and ready to wear for Valentine's Day!