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When it comes to a wedding, the bride and groom want everything to be perfect and spectacular. Every couple dreams of a magical wedding, so people spend a lot of money on decorations to make their dreams come true. But do you know, you can add the right amount of glamour and class to your wedding venue in low budget by decorating the venue with different types of colorful ribbons.

Wedding ribbons such as tulle, organza, offray, etc. can add beautiful touches to your wedding venues or places from the bright and colorful, to the understated and opulent. You can decorate anything from chairs, tables to cake, and bouquet with just ribbons that are so inexpensive.

Let’s have a look at classy decoration ideas for the wedding day:


Every couple wants their wedding venue & most importantly their wedding stage more decorative as it will be the focus point of the venue and wedding that can add an extra dose of glitz & glamour to the wedding. Colorful fabric drapes and floral accents are everything that you need to decorate the stage.


You can use densely packed strings of colorful ribbon for the backdrop of the stage decoration and can also hang sparkling lanterns with twinkling fairy lights from the ceiling to give the wedding event a fairy tale look. The backdrop of the ceremony should be decorated in colors complementary to the bride and groom’s attire.

Make Chalkboard Signage

Having Chalkboard signage at the entrance or photo booth is a very unique idea and trending nowadays. You can arrange a chalkboard set-up with special quotes looks very different and cool.

As a Backdrop

A ribbon backdrop is a creative way to add glamour and personal touch to your wedding day. You can use sparkling offray ribbon with some colorful and different size balloons for photo booth backdrops, stage backdrops, etc. If you want to buy offray ribbon in wholesale you look for a reliable online site.

Chair & Table Decoration

Decorating your dining tables and chairs with white and pink tulle fabrics or ribbons is another creative idea you can do in your wedding to give the hall or venue a festive look and your guests will feel special sitting on the decorated chairs and tables for a sit-down dinner.

Chair & Table Decoration

Gift Wrap:

The possibilities of using an organza bag are endless. On your wedding day, you can use an organza bag to wrap small presents or gifts for guests. No matter what gift you choose to give, decorative or printed organza bags in the market perfectly complement the gift or presents.

The most popular choice for the wedding sweets pouches are organza bags because of the high transparency of the fabric which presents its contents wonderfully. The types of sweets such as fudge, chocolates, caramel, dry fruits are used to pack in printed graphic e.g. picture of beautiful bride and groom.

Entrance Decoration:

Decorating the entrance of your wedding venue is most important; after all it is the first place or thing that attracts your guests and they say ‘Wow’. Ribbons are quite popular and they look very attractive, plus they come in thousands of colors, designs, and shapes. So, you can use ribbons of your choice and mix them with flowers or lights to jazz up your door.

Entrance Decoration:

It is almost certain that when we are talking about weddings and decorations we are going to bring the flower in the picture. After choosing a florist and flowers to use on your wedding day, be sure to consult the type and placement of the flowers with your decorator.

If you want to buy wedding décor items in wholesale, must look for a reliable online site or shop that offers you wedding supplies such as ribbons, fabrics, cake decorations, and many other things. You can also décor your wedding venues in less budget using ribbons, flowers, etc. and other decorative item and deliver a classy and adorable look that will be appreciated by every guest.

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