Diamond Wraps

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Diamond Wraps Artificial Rhinestone ( 5 Rows x 3 Yards )
5 Rows x 3 Yards Artificial Diamonds Rhinestone
Sale price$41.99 Regular price$58.99
Diamond Wraps Artificial Rhinestone ( 8 Rows x 3 Yards )
Diamond s Artificial Rhinestone ( 8 Rows x 3 Yards )
Sale price$52.50 Regular price$73.49
Diamond Wraps Artificial Rhinestone ( 2 Rows x 3 Yards )
2 Rows x 3 Yards Artificial Diamonds Rhinestone
Sale price$25.99 Regular price$36.49

Bulk Diamond Wraps – Artificial Rhinestone and Diamond Wraps

Our rhinestone and diamond ribbon wraps are the easiest way to add bling to your cakes, ornaments, candles, table centerpieces, hair bows, purses, wedding dresses, and shoes. Our artificial diamond and rhinestone wrap rolls are easy to work with, just cut the ribbon into desired length and craft what you have in mind.

BBCrafts carries a large selection of diamond wraps at wholesale prices in different sizes, including 5 rows x 3 yards, 8 rows x 3 yards, and 2 rows x 3 yards. Our premium roll of diamond wraps can add a touch of elegance and charm to DIY projects, holiday season, souvenirs, weddings, home décor, invitation cards, wreaths, birthdays, tables and chairs, backdrops, and gift wrapping.

Wholesale Rhinestone and Diamond Cake Banding
Sparkle makes everything unique and perfect. That’s why we present rhinestone trim wraps as a timeless way to add decorative accents to your cakes, clothes, and craft projects. With a variety of dazzling diamond rhinestone ribbon wraps in 3 yards, the choices to design and decorate are endless.

Order rhinestone and diamond wrap online at cost-effective rates!

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