Wholesale Wedding Supplies – Wedding Accessories for Sale – Wedding Décor Be it a summer wedding season or a romantic fall outdoor wedding, the décor plays the most important role in setting the mood and theme of a ceremony. From floral arrangements to tablescapes, lighting, and decorations, everything should be at its best to make this life’s milestone remembered forever. BBCrafts is pleased to showcase an incredible range of wedding décor and craft supplies that will make your celebrations a lot easier and remarkable. We have the best event and party décor items for our customers, including wedding gloves, flower girl baskets, silk flower petals, reception guestbooks, cake toppers, and much more. You can use our bulk wedding supplies to add a personalized and unique touch to your wedding decorations, dresses, venue, and accessories. All our products are made in the USA and are designed with the highest quality material to meet our customers’ requirements. Our commitment to delivering first-grade products, excellent customer service, and fast home delivery support is something that allows us to stand out from the rest. Buy wedding craft and décor supplies in bulk at wholesale prices! Shop Craft and Décor Supplies Online – For Wedding, Reception & PartyOur décor products aren’t just limited to wedding ceremonies; they can be put to many different uses such as for an anniversary, birthday party décor, baby shower party, reception, and other celebrations. With hundreds of styles for party napkins, ring bearer pillow, and flower girl baskets, you will have endless options to bring elegance and charm to your decorations. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid, you can count on our wholesale wedding supplies to put together all decorative elements and bring a glamorous touch to your appearance with minimum time and effort. From fancy tiara to lace gowns to DIY garlands, you can create anything you want from our craft products to look stunning on your special day. Get wholesale wedding supplies and accessories for sale – order online! A Wide Assortment of Wedding Accessories for SaleOur range includes a large variety of wedding supplies at such a reasonable price, helping you craft beautiful ambience, dresses, and fashion accessories within a budget. At our online store, you can easily shop for your special event as each wedding décor item is categorized and organized, making it convenient for you to make the best selection. Buy Wholesale Charger Plates – brings an aesthetically pleasing and refined touch to your dining experience Buy Wholesale Flower Girl Baskets – available in multiple styles and colors, perfect for little girls in a wedding Buy Party Pack Beverage Napkins – good quality paper napkins to keep your celebrations neat and tidy Buy Sequin Backdrop Curtains – perfect for party backdrops or used as a photo background Buy Wholesale Ring Bearer Pillows – carry your love symbols in style with our exclusive range of ring pillows Buy Wholesale Silk Rose Flower Petal – get artificial/fake flower petals to add an impressive touch of style to your celebrations Buy Wholesale Wedding Lace Garters – adds beautiful details and visual appeal to your special day Buy Wedding Burlap Organza Favor Bags Wholesale – comes in two varieties – burlap bags and sheer organza bags to make your gifts and party favors more captivating Buy Wedding Toasting Flute – provide toasting flutes in various styles like crystal, glass, champagne, silver, and pewter Buy Wedding Accessory Set – find accessories for sale like pen sets, wedding guestbook, and wedding accessory set for your grand day Choose from a large selection of products – available at discounted prices! Order Wedding Supplies and Accessories Online at Low PricesAt BBCrafts, we ensure to maintain a comprehensive selection of wedding supplies and wedding accessories for every theme, occasion, and purpose. All products are available at the lowest prices with no compromises on quality. Being a leading wholesale supplier of wedding décor products, we know what you exactly need to make your venue of the event or occasions memorable for years to come. You can find a wide range of party items that you can use for favors, gifts, wedding decorations, party backdrops, photo backgrounds, invitation cards, wedding dresses, accessories, and more. Whatever the occasion, you can rely on our craft décor, wholesale ribbon, and fabric supplies to turn your imagination into a masterpiece. You can easily place an order online and get these products delivered to your doorstep with a fast shipping process, for your reception, wedding, anniversary, party décor, or whatever the occasion. Find the best wedding supplies and accessories in bulk at comfortable prices!

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Save $3.23
Silver - Organza Bags - ( 5 x 6.5-7 Inch - 10 Bags )
Save $12.73
Flower Girl Baskets Ivory ( 7 Inch Tall ) - 4032I
Save $8.23
Ring Bearer Pillow Ivory ( 7 Inch ) - 4036I
Save $8.23
Ring Bearer Pillow Ivory ( 7 Inch ) - 4037I
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets White ( 10 Inch x 8 Inch ) - 4089WFlower Girl Baskets White ( 10 Inch x 8 Inch ) - 4089W
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets Ivory ( 10 Inch x 8 Inch ) 4089IFlower Girl Baskets Ivory ( 10 Inch x 8 Inch ) 4089I
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets Ivory - 5604I
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets Ivory - BSK-10-1I
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets White ( 10 Inch x 8 Inch ) - 4084W
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets White - 5623W
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets White - 5634W
Save $10.73
Flower Girl Baskets White - BSK-10-1W
Save $10.23
Flower Girl Basket Set BS003 - 5574I*5604W*64010Flower Girl Basket Set BS003 - 5574I*5604W*64010
Save $11.49
Artificial Flowers with White Organza Bows - 5211WArtificial Flowers with White Organza Bows - 5211W
Save $3.73
Ring Bearer Pillow Set RBP001 - 4048W*5316*5583W*28004Ring Bearer Pillow Set RBP001 - 4048W*5316*5583W*28004
Save $8.23
Flower Girl Basket Set 001 - 5653I*5653W*5663I*5663WFlower Girl Basket Set 001 - 5653I*5653W*5663I*5663W
Save $8.23
Flower Girl Basket Set BS002 - 5623P*5627W*5634I*28701WFlower Girl Basket Set BS002 - 5623P*5627W*5634I*28701W
Save $6
Gift Card Holder 120-875Gift Card Holder 120-875
Gift Card Holder 120-875
Save $19
Antique White with Gold Wedding Accessory Set - 5640
Save $2.73
Baby Maize - Organza Bags - ( 22x25.5 Inch - 10 Bags )
Save $2.73
Yellow - Organza Bags - ( 3x4 Inch - 10 Bags )
Save $2.73
Hunter Green - Organza Bags - ( 3x4 Inch - 10 Bags )
Save $2.73
Red - Organza Bags - ( 3x4 Inch - 10 Bags )

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