We are in a mission to Help and Make an Impact

Let’s Change The World With Humanity

As a responsible and concerning organization, we are here to give back to community supporting causes we believe in and making a positive impact. Every time you make a purchase at our store, 1% of the order amount is donated to a cause that you choose from our partner programs – contributions from BBCrafts.

All you have to do is pick the cause of your choosing during checkout – And let us support people and society on your behalf.

COVID-19 Response Fund

Help prevent detect and respond to coronavirus.

Fighting Racial Injustice

Support the protection of rights for all people regardless of race..

Shop For Quality Product – Make an Impact in the Society

Giving back is important to us and we want to share this passion with you. We thank you for helping us do our part in making a positive change in the society and support people, causes, improving the world around us.

Your small step can go a long way in improving the world around in a big positive way – While you fulfil your needs at BBCrafts, you also get to become a part of something fulfilling and meaningful.