18 Inch L Glitter Styrofoam Star Ball Spray - Red White Blue

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Size: 18 Inch L
Color: Red White Blue
Material: Styrofoam/Wire

Aim for celestial heights in your holiday decor with our Glitter Styrofoam Star/Ball Spray, a stellar addition that holds the key to designing an out-of-this-world display. This spray features a dazzling collection of red, white, and blue glitter stars and balls, bringing a burst of patriotic brilliance to your holiday arrangements. Elevate your Fourth of July decor with the perfect contrast this spray provides when paired with other patriotic items like firecracker picks, ribbon, or signs.

The dynamic mix of glittered stars and balls adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your display, making it a standout feature in any setting. The spray's versatility allows for creative expression, making it an excellent choice for wreath displays, as well as accentuating pots or vases, providing them with a stylish and patriotic base.

Crafted with attention to detail, the Glitter Styrofoam Star/Ball Spray embodies the spirit of celebration and captures the essence of the Fourth of July. The glitter accents add a festive touch, creating a visually stunning composition that perfectly complements your patriotic theme.

Whether you're creating a grand Fourth of July centerpiece or enhancing your overall holiday decor, this glitter spray is a versatile and stylish choice. Let the stars shine bright and infuse your displays with patriotic flair, creating an atmosphere that radiates the pride and joy of Independence Day.

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